Real Estate Project PHP

Here I have explain how to create Real estate project PHP & MySQL database. Nowadays real estate business moves on digital way to promote their services. For example every companies are advertising their flats in TV channels. Once upon a time we have to directly visit the particular places if we plan to buy the land. But now everything was changed and we can see the land or house images through online. As a result our time & efforts are completely changed. It’s called digital marketing and current days most of business peoples are following this method.

Small level real estate owners are directly communicate with buyers or brokers. But with help of online we can directly get particular buyers. For that we have to spend some amount in promote our business in digital marketing category. Already you see so many examples in TV ads like buy home on easiest EMI with lot of features in city side.

real estate project php

The sample purpose here we add dummy images from internet. Later that customize this image & add your own plot photos. Actually here photos are very important so don’t upload any fake images, when you are doing this then no one trust your company. Trust is everything on business, once the customer believe your business then never think about other owners.


  1. PHP
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. Bootstrap
  6. Mail Transfer Protocol (Forget Password)
  7. Sublime Text (IDE)
  8. MySQL Database

Create Project – Real Estate Project PHP

Let’s see the steps for how create Real Estate Management System project using PHP & MySQL. Here we are using Core PHP for developing every modules. Suppose if you are familiar in framework like Laravel or Codeigniter the move on those technologies. But Framework is best for only large scalable projects. If you are plan to build high scalable web application then only choose Laravel otherwise Core is better option.

However you can learn so many new things when working with framework technologies. So the choice is your end. Every technology has unique feature with new things. When compared to MySQL & Firebase which is Best ? My personal opinion Firebase but most of peoples are told like MySQL is good one. Behind the reason is they are still not use Firebase, if once use hereafter their answer is Firebase also good.

How It Works & Feature

This is project has totally two main modules. First things is Post Flat/House/Plot/Land details on our website. After that buyers are raise query about the particular home or lands. If everything is oky then directly end the deal without any charges. Premium option is not available now, but in future surely we are adding those benefits with more features.

Screenshots – Real Estate Project PHP

Once check the screenshot after that decide whether it’s worth or not. But am sure it will be surely helpful to create your own estate project. Just take the concept and then customize designs as per your own requirements.

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real estate login page php
post property real estate php
management system

Source Code

I hope above all steps and output image files are helps to create own projects. It’s like similar E-commerce website to sell products with resellers. The concepts are same with buyer and seller modules. Get visitors from online through digital marketing like Google AdWord, Facebook and more ways.

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