React Firebase Authentication

In this tutorial let’s see how make a React Firebase Authentication example with validation. Generally authentication means it’s a process of verify the persons or electronic devices. For example Sign in page asking username and password for verify the users. So that’s also one of the authentication method.

Similarly in this project we develop Login Registration Form with validation using React Native and Firebase database. Alternatively some developer are select MySQL database for accessing data from server. But Firebase has more features when compared to SQL.

The major reason is no setup required, because it’s cloud based database. That’s why experienced and well knowledge developers are working on cloud system. But through this we can’t able to implement large scalability projects.

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However it’s perfect for small based web application. Most of android developers are still using Firebase to sore & accessing data from server. If we integrate with MySQL, then write more code and that’s complication process unlike Firebase.

React vs Angular

Before starting this project I hope you have good knowledge in React JS Native framework. Suppose no knowledge once read the official documentation for getting more ideas. Some college students working on Angular because that’s is build with HTML, CSS.

This is the major reason for most of college students are move with Angular. But react has more features when compared to Angular. Software companies also looking for react developers and the salary also high on industry.

Create Project

Let’s start to build the front-end user interface design. After that we move on database section to make data retrieval processing steps. Initially we have to create simple login and register form for validate particular data via Firebase technology.

Actually designing is very easy and lot of open source templates are available. But the complicated process is only database section and it’s throw critical error.

react firebase authentication

Live Demo

Once check the live demo if okay then move on next section to download the source code. Here we are giving animated user interface form. You can access the feature of oAuth social media, forgot password, create new account, show/hide password etc.

React Firebase Authentication

Now create database for store values who are create new account. Without database also we able to do this process but that’s not secure. And another major reason is we can’t able to extend the user values. So database is comfortable option for storing & retrieving data from server.

  1. First you have to initialize the Firebase SDK for authenticate values.
  2. Add below line code on your project
import { initializeApp } from "firebase/app";
import { getAuth } from "firebase/auth";

// TODO: Replace the following with your app's Firebase project configuration
// See:
const firebaseConfig = {
  // ...

// Initialize Firebase
const app = initializeApp(firebaseConfig);

// Initialize Firebase Authentication and get a reference to the service
const auth = getAuth(app);

React Firebase Code

Above all content helps to build the authentication in Firebase database. If you are facing any issues just comment below, we will sort out within a days. Moreover it’s working fine so we hope you are not facing technical errors.

The Project credits goes to Alaa Eddine

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