Railway Ticket Booking Android

Here I have explain how develop Railway Ticket Booking Android application in the IDE of Android studio. These days we are living in digital world so everybody reserve their tickets online. For that mostly available lot of android apps like Phonepe, PayTM etc.

Already in my blog I post How develop Railway Ticket Reservation System Project in PHP language. Because some of college students request from me that’s why implement in PHP and MySQL. But mostly web application usage is very average, because apps are more comfortable than websites.

Therefore every clients are request android apps for their customers. Generally all peoples have smart phone even LKG babies. For this reason developers are target application not a site. Major advantage is user friendly, easy to use, no overlapping etc.

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Project Overview

Okay now overall let’s analyze the project like what the requirements needs for accomplish the project. I hope already you have knowledge in android domain. Suppose if you are beginner, then once read Android Official Documentation for further development.

After that you got a concept like how working with every modules and packages. In android domain designing is very easy to development not a simple task. We able to apply Drag & Drop method implement UI for end users. But when comes to on development, we need strong knowledge to navigate steps.

IDE & Version

  • Android Studio 3.4
  • compileSdkversion: 28
  • targetSdkversion: 28
  • gradle: 4.6.0


  • Java & XML
  • SQL


Here I would to add project screenshot because it was may be helpful for analyze the entire project. Otherwise you have to download & execute on your system and finally if you are not satisfied then your time was waste.

That’s why here we have to add Train Ticket booking reservation system output images. If this code okay for you then go on below section for download the source code. For the sample I give just two images only and you can able to see all screenshots in source code.

I hope now overall you’re get idea about this project. After import on your system you have to customize the design for client requirements. If face any issues just comment below I will try to solve your queries within one day.

Railway Ticket Booking Source Code

Now get the source code Railway Ticket Booking Android Studio. We have collection projects with free source code in all programming languages like PHP, Angular, Flutter, Python, Java and more. We are mainly focused on college students who are looking for final year projects.

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