QR Code Attendance System PHP

In this project I explain how to create QR code attendance system using PHP & MySQL. Current days technology is improved very well so every organizations are move on digital platform to simplify their works. When we migrate into digital way our works are safely handled and stored using technology concepts. This is the major reason for why everyone should follow digital methods. It’s completely save our time and helps to making easiest process when compared to physical work.

For example in this project we are using QR code based student attendance management system using PHP. So through this no one able to fake attendance report form college/school end. Through this we can easily save every students in & out time. And also save each records in our database. Most of well organization, top universities and colleges are already starts to follow QR based attendance system.

qr code attendance system

For that we need to spend some amount for creating web application. Suppose if you are college has tech person then you can complete the projects via software domain persons. In our college me doing the Digital Library concept using PHP in free of cost. Most of colleges are following this way to save management fees.


  1. PHP
  2. MySQL Database
  3. VS Code (IDE)
  4. HTML
  5. CSS
  6. JavaScript
  7. Bootstrap
  8. QR Reader Machine
  9. External Camera

Create Project – QR Code Attendance System

Let’s see the steps for how create QR code based student or college attendance management system project using PHP & MySQL. Here we are using Core PHP, if you have good knowledge in framework then move on Laravel. Because through the framework we can add more in-built features like authentication, authorization, mailer concepts and more. Behind the reason is lot of existing library files are available to crack benefits.

But for that we need some knowledge on particular domain then only able customize & implement projects. First starts with core then upgrade into framework because most of developers are following this way to improve their career.

How It Works

Initially we need to set QR code system in our place. Hereafter manually store our face on the machine and then we get QR code for our face. Now our face equal to our generated unique key is same of process the results. Every students follow this way on beginning time to store face & get unique qr code for making attendance. After all process ends, we just do our attendance via machine and now it’s automatically read your face. And then automatically fetch your details like Name, Class, Address, Parents, Faculty incharge details etc


  1. Easy to use
  2. No bug
  3. Auto mode
  4. Fetch each details where students information saved
  5. Get In & Out time
  6. Download attendance Report
  7. Easily Add New Users
  8. Admin Panel Dashboard
  9. Homepage Access Navigation

Screenshot – QR Code Attendance System

Once check the attendance management system project using PHP. Then you get some idea like how it’s working and what are modules we need to execute on our machine. Entire instructions are available like guidelines, source code available on end of the articles. So you can easily implement this project with help of user friendly documentation.

scan qr using php
ar code project php add student details

Source Code

I hope above all source code and output images are helps to create qr code attendance system project using PHP. You need to buy external QR code machine reader for built with front-end. Then only it will works fine otherwise not able to process the code to save users details.

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