PHP Two Factor Authentication

In this tutorial I have explain how to develop PHP Two Factor Authentication example using SMS & email methods. Current days very web and mobile applications are protected by Two Factor authentication. For example if you are login your Amazon account in different system then it will ask confirmation code from our registered mobile number or email. This is one factor verification and it’s ask to verify only when we login the account in new device.

But when we enable two factor authetication, it ask every time verification code using our registered mobile number or email address. It’s one of the best way to secure our account from hackers. Because current days hackers are easily hack top companies like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter. So those companies are make strong firewall for stop the attackers. However some accounts are hacked by well knowledge hacking peoples who have more skills on the particular domain.

php two factor authentication
two factor authentication php firebase

With help of Firebase we able to create two factor Authentication (2FA) into our web application. For that you need some knowledge in Google Cloud Firebase then only we proceed this project. Suppose if you don’t know once learn the tutorial after that continue to develop your projects. Initially Google introduce this feature for Gmail users to secure the account from hackers. On the other hand Google provide this service for open source via the API. So most of top applications are secure the account via two factor verification. However it’s not a mandatory but worth for maintain our account very safe.


  1. PHP
  2. Firebase
  3. MySQL
  4. Library
  5. HTML
  6. CSS
  7. JavaScript
  8. API Services

Create Projects – PHP Two Factor Authentication

Let’s see about the steps & technologies for creating two factor authentication example using Core PHP. But most of the companies are using Laravel framework for easily build any type of services like pagination, SMS & Email Verification, Validation, Material Design, Payment Gateway and more. It’s only perfect for large scale projects, that’s why here we are using Core PHP. Because it’s one of the part of modules in big projects. So I hope you can also use this modules on existing of your projects.

End users are maximum welcome the verification and secure methods for maintain the safest account. Therefore it’s surely helps to build perfect OTP verification process via email or Phone messages. Before proceed the project once learn about Firebase like how store and manipulated data into server side.

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Features – PHP Two Factor Authentication

Actually this project has lot of features to secure our account. And here I would like to share major benefits of authentication & authorization processes. Moreover later that you can check the rest of minor features which is not explained in this section.

  1. Secure Account
  2. OTP Notification (When someone try to login our account)
  3. Material Design
  4. Easy to use API
  5. Email & Phone Verification
  6. Timer Facility
  7. Notify weak passwords

How It Works

End of the article you get source code and the procedures are explained the Read me file. Here spaces are not enough and when explain it’s not user friendly to easily understand the concept. That’s why steps are added into the source code zip file.

Source Code

Above all contents and images are helps to create this two factor authentication example. However in your end, you have to face some errors because integration is not easy but easily fix the problems with helps of stackoverflow. Moreover you can also contact us for clarify your issues.

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