PHP MySQL Projects with Source Code

In this article I list out the collection of PHP MySQL Projects with free source code. We are regularly posting PHP, Java, Angular, Python videos on our blog. And now overall upload one article where you can see the entire code without any cost. It’s very helpful for college students & working professionals who are in software industries. Still some of students are using PHP because through this we able to create dynamic web application.

For that first you have to learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript code. After that only we are capable to create perfect website using front-end skills. Current days a lot of frameworks are available to develop the websites. This is the major reason for why most of students stop learn about PHP Program.

Because they are starts to learn about Angular, React JS for develop both mobile & web apps. As a result finally we are hired in the role of UI & UX developer with high salary package. It’s not a hardest concept, you can easily learn this because open source documentations are available on internet. In the some project we are using both of MySQL & Google Cloud Firebase database.

PHP MySQL Projects

Let’s see the list of project which is implemented using PHP & MySQL Database. We have also premium project with high featured panel .Once check those project and if it’s okay then contact me for negotiate the price details. Already I fixed very low price for every application. So I hope that’s really helps to build your career improvements.

  1. Online Resume Builder Project
  2. Pagination Site with Next & Previous button
  3. News Website Portal like Daily Thanthi
  4. Invoice Creation Project
  5. Inventory Management Software System
  6. Learning Management System
  7. Blood Donation Project
  8. Charity
  9. Fund raising project
  10. Online Doctor Appointment Booking System
  11. Create Material Admin Panel
  12. ID Card Design Generator
  13. Gas Booking Portal
  14. Fingerprint Attendance System
  15. Matrimonial Project
  16. School & College Management System
  17. Quiz with certification feature
  18. Bus Ticket Booking Reservation & Return
  19. Banking management Software
  20. Digital Library Management System
  21. Leave application project
  22. Railway & Airline ticket reservation
  23. E-Commerce Website
  24. Pharmacy management software
  25. Car Buy Selling & Rental
  26. OLX
  27. Food Order delivery system
  28. GYM project
  29. Attendance system
  30. Discussion Forum

Moreover you can also check our PHP MySQL tutorial for solving the basic and advanced concept. I think it’s also helps to create project. So once visit the link, may be you get more idea about the tutorials. Documentation available and which is only useful for college final year students.

Moreover Android, Flutter source code also available in or directory. So if you need check out & get the code without any cost. Especially we are provide these offers only for college students.

php mysql projects

Project Screenshots

Here we did not add the project output file. Because 30 plus source codes are explained on this article. So spaces are enough for properly explain the each screenshots. Therefore you can check the images on tutorial link of Diya Act Blog. Otherwise directly run on your system for the better results.

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