PHP Mini Projects

In this tutorial I list out the PHP Mini Projects using MySQL database & web technology languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Most of UG and PG college students are doing their projects in PHP languages. Because in the initial days they have idea in top programming languages like Java, Python etc. Therefore students are select Core PHP for completing mini and major projects with help of web technology languages.

Before doing projects in PHP, you have to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript & MySQL database. After that only you can able to create or customize existing project source code. Some of students are directly download project source code and import system. Do some minor changes only like Logo, colors, about, contact page etc. For that also we need some knowledge on PHP and SQL queries.

php mini projects

I have own YouTube channel, through this you can learn latest programming tutorials in Tamil Languages. Recently posted SQL complete tutorial videos are working with MySQL workbench software. Through the YouTube platform we can learn any type of technology in free of cost. Self learning is always best & better when compared to premium courses. So here I recommend everyone to start your learning skill from Google & YouTube.

PHP Mini Projects

Okay let’s see the PHP project title and definition with proper guidelines. Already we have publish 100 plus major & minor projects with free source code in our blog. So here directly share the link and the code available on our anther external website (Diya Act). We have two blog one is VetBosSel & another one is Diya Act. The entire source code stored on the second blog. It’s looks like below image,

php projects download

In above image we have just snap first 4 projects only. But up to 100 project title available with source code in free of cost. End of the article we share link to explore all web application using PHP & MySQL database. In some application we are using Google Firebase Cloud database for creating Admin Panel like Shopping portal, Online Courses etc.

Mini Project Title

Here I explain only Project title and the link available on end of article. So before click the link once check available title & if okay then move on next section to grab entire code on your system. Similarly tutorials also explained in very clean way with real time live demo & screenshots.

  1. Online Resume Builder
  2. News Web Portal Application
  3. Pagination (It’s just Script not a project)
  4. Invoice Creation
  5. Learning Management System (LMS)
  6. Charity Management System
  7. Doctor Appointment Booking Portal
  8. Location Tracker
  9. ID Card Generator
  10. Gas Booking System
  11. Fingerprint Attendance System
  12. Matrimony project
  13. School & College Management System
  14. Star Rating (Script)
  15. Bus & Railway Ticket Booking
  16. Online Quiz (Examination System)
  17. Bank Management System
  18. Digital Library
  19. Leave Apply Management
  20. Ticket Reservation for bus, Railway, cinema, cab, travel, flight etc)
  21. Online Course Platform like Udemy
  22. OLX Clone (Buy Sell Products, Job posting & apply etc)
  23. Shopping Cart
  24. Food Delivery & Track Order
  25. Car Rental
  26. Pharmacy Medical Management
  27. Face Recognition System
  28. GYM Portal
  29. E-Commerce Website like Food, Fashion, Grocery etc
  30. Payment Gateway such as Instamojo, Payumoney, Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay
  31. Chat Application like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  32. Hotel Room Booking
  33. Jewellery Shop
  34. Supermarket Billing Software
  35. GST Billing Portal
  36. Online Voting System
  37. Beauty Parlour

Source Code

I hope above all project title and source code helps to build your final year class. However here we are not providing documentation so on your end create using project screenshot and flow chart. Actually that’s very easy and once see demo for YouTube. Hereafter you get clear knowledge about it like how manually create own system.

Suppose if you need any project which is not available on our portal then just contact us for get the code within a three hours. But for that you have to pay Rs.500 amount on your code.

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