Pharmacy Management System Python

Pharmacy Management System Python – In this article let’s see how develop pharmacy project using python. These days a lot of college students are select python language for project development. Because most of software companies also hire python django developers.

It was very secure and able to implement large scale application. In the other side through this we able to apply on various industries like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) etc.

Therefore via the single language develop multi level apps and web application. That’s why most of software developers are migrate into python & students are interest to working on advanced Django framework.

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Project Modules

In this project has totally 5 modules for users. They are explained below,

  1. Administrator
  2. Pharmacist
  3. Receptionist
  4. Doctors
  5. Patients

Navigation is very user friendly so everyone easy to use without any struggles. UI & UX was good, then only we get positive reviews from users side.

Features & Login Credentials

Let’s see the features of all users & login credentials for accessing the site. All the things are here shared & face any issues just comment below we will try to resolve your queries.

1. Admin

  • Admin has all facilities like able to manage pharmacist, doctors, patients etc.
  • Stocks checking, patient prescription.
  • Announcement for all super users.
  1. User Name – admin
  2. Password – 1234

2. Pharmacist

  • Add medicines
  • Stock Updates
  • Manage & Patient Status
  • Invoice Collection
  • Backup Billing
  1. User Name – pharmacist1
  2. Password – 1234

3. Receptionist

  • They are manage Patient Admissions
  • Collect Fee for every patient
  • Patient Information details
  1. User Name – pharmacyclerk1
  2. Password – 1234

4. Doctor

  • Doctor’s are manage Patient Prescription
  • Give Patient Fee Status from Receptionist
  • Collect Patient past disease report
  1. User Name – doctor1
  2. Password – 1234

5. Patient

  • Track their report
  • Know the Fees
  • Raise Complaint Queries when nurse’s not take care of them.
  1. User Name – patient1
  2. Password – 1234


Okay here I have add the screenshot of Pharmacy Management System Python. If this layout of designs okay for you then go on code section. Otherwise start your search for find perfect match of your needs of design layout.

pharmacy management system python

For example purpose here add just one screenshots only. So in below get the source code & let’s check other screenshots. Material designs are built in this system so really it was very worth for your college project.

Download Source Code

I hope above credentials and explanation was helps to build this project on your own machine. The project full credits goes to Mr. James Wawer. Apart from this someone search your name on Google & the result is nothing ? Don’t worry just Submit Your Biography to us & we will publish on Google Page.

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