PayUMoney PHP Integration

PayUMoney PHP Integration example helps to create online payment gateway service for accept the payments from customers end. Nowadays every payments are processing via online platform. Because most of users are buy their products in online like Flipkart, Amazon etc. So the company need payment gateway for collecting payments from users.

Lot of gateways are available in India, but most used services are Instamojo, Stripe, Razorpay and more. Already in our blog we are posting how integrate PHP code into Stripe. But Payumoney is easy to integrate with our project and no complicated steps. Therefore we are strongly recommend PayU for your online business. Moreover Instamojo integration tutorial also available in our blog. Check both and finally choose your own ideas.

payumoney php integration

Above screenshot is one of the output image when we are successfully integrate with our web application. This is starting page where we give the basic details of Amount, Email – ID, Phone number etc. When clicking Pay Now button, it’s redirected into Payment page like the images added in end of the article. And mostly all payment methods are available on this gateway like Credit &debit Card, UPI Payments, QR code, Net Banking and more.


  1. Accept all payment methods
  2. Secure Connections
  3. Easy to Use
  4. UPI Payments like Google Pay (Gpay), PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Paytm etc.
  5. Initiate refund within 24 hours (maximum 2 hours)

These are major feature and lot of minor benefits also available. You can feel those advantages when using the web application with payu payment gateway.


  1. PHP
  2. MySQL
  3. PayU documentation (guidelines)
  4. HTML
  5. CSS
  6. JavaScript
  7. Bootstrap

Create Project – PayUMoney PHP Integration

Okay let’s see the steps for how integrate paymoney services into our application. Before proceed the tutorial once read the official documentation for learn the basic steps. Because then only we get clear idea about integration steps. When correctly follow the official documentation we can easily setup the steps. No additional knowledge required for making those type of codes.

Official PayUMoney PHP Integration Steps

First go to on the official website, after that click developer option to check the code. The full API reference guidelines are available on all programming languages like PHP, Java, Python etc. The full code is available on this site, for that we have to create new account then only able to access the full features.

How It Works

After configure the connection code into our application, the API services are initiated. So when the user access our payment button, in the back-end process entire process will be forwarded to the client side. And the particular payments received from who are making API request on the project. So after that officially the company charging commission amount and then transferred into developer account.

PayUMoney PHP Integration Screenshot

Already in the beginning of post we are adding starting page forms. Now let’s see the rest of output image file and I hope it’s helps to analyze & idea about like how the integrations are working fine. In future if any complaint raised ? the full responsibility from company end and need to transfer the affected amount.

payumoney integration using php

Source Code

Above all explanations and images are help to build the project. Moreover you can contact us for if any issues raises on your end. Already we are tested in our system and it’s working fine. After the payment it will be automatically redirected into your mentioned sites. Otherwise leave empty, the official PayU website will be opened.

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