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Here I explain how to create online voting app android studio platform using java language. Through the voting concept we can easily get the proper output in any competition. But currently we are using voting apps only on college, school and any of private organization. When apply this on election then no one able to poll the fake vote. May be in future it will be changed because currently everything was converted into digital ways. For example everyday we are using online payments, digital books and so many things.

Through this application you can enter your votes on anywhere. For that you need internet connection in android mobile. Then only able to caste your vote on the particular party. Here we are create sample election based application, so initially list out five parties to compete election. On the other hand manually issued voter identity card for every person who are eligible to caste the vote. For example if you are 18 years old then you get soft copy order for enters your vote with reference number. Every Reference numbers are unique so no more fake entries are allowed.

android voting app

Therefore this method helps to stop fake votes from some of high powered political parties. If we conduct offline then not able to check the verification status but when do via online platform easily assigned before start the election. You can apply this code any anywhere like college, school, private organization, institute center, job interview placements etc.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. MySQL database or Firebase
  4. API
  5. Android Studio IDE

Create Project – Online Voting App Android

Let’s see the steps and procedure for how creating online voting system project using Java program. When comes to on database section, MySQL is the best option. Otherwise go fore Firebase if you have good knowledge o Google Cloud. Because it has lot of features when compared to other NoSQL database. In the beginning only it will be little bit complicate to understand the queries. Then you can easily integrate Firebase database in any back-end languages like Java, Python, PHP etc.

Already we are upload online vote management system using PHP. But that is web application so here like to update into mobile application. That’s why using java to create mobile apps. However through the Flutter also you can able to create attractive and simple application. Current days most of developers are starts to create apps using Dart Program. Moreover here I explain the steps for how create Firebase database in Java program.

Screenshots – Online Voting App Android

Once check the project screenshot and then customize the concept as per your own requirements. Because it differs on your state based on election parties. No additional knowledge required and easily change your code without any complication. And we are tested every modules so it’s working fine if customize code on your end.

online voting app android
voting app android studio

Source Code

I hope above all code and explanation helps to build voting system application in android studio platform. It’s the sample of election competition so later that change poll and then start to caste vote. However concepts are same, just modify interface to get better results.

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