Online Quiz Project Laravel

In this project I have explain how create online quiz project laravel using PHP & MySQL. Already we are developing online examination project in PHP and it’s similar of Quiz project. But the major difference is it’s specially developed for quiz system. However here we are using laravel framework for doing this project/

Moreover lot of features are available in this system when compared to Core PHP. In Core program we are using limited features but in framework able to use third parties libraries.

After the COVID period some companies are conduct online quiz examination system. It’s very helpful for company owners, college students, working professionals etc. Quiz project has several needs and still final year students are use this project.


Actually in this project has several modules and everything has unique features. However without database also we able do this project. But not storing so many values, so here we are suggest to use MySQL database for store records.

Online Quiz Project PHP Forms

In below I list out the forms for online quiz project.

  1. Login Form
  2. Signup Form
  3. Question Session
  4. Topic
  5. Answer Sheet
  6. Fill out Question dashboard
  7. Final Answer
  8. Submission Form
  9. Result
  10. Homepage Dashboard

Create Project

Okay let’s start to see how create online quiz management system project using PHP Laravel framework. Through the laravel you can develop high scalable project. Still most of companies are using this framework for GST Billing Software, Attendance system and more.

First install the dependencies like composer, git etc. Then only we able to working on laravel projects. I hope already you know the steps for execute the framework on your laptop. Suppose if you don’t know then once read the official documentation for gathering more knowledge.

Similar Features

A number of features are available on this project when we are using laravel framework. Therefore I suggest for my blog readers (programmers) to migrate from Core PHP into Laravel. After that you get more knowledge and now software companies are did not hire core developers.

  1. Session Form & Validation
  2. Timer Based Quiz
  3. Material Design
  4. Pagination
  5. Validation Answers
  6. Duplication
  7. Server Side Response to show the answers

Online Quiz Project Screenshot

In below we have add the quiz project screenshot file so once check the image file and if the concepts is okay for you then download a code. Otherwise customize the code as per your own wish or client requirements. Maximum of clients are looking for perfect user interface and experience.

online quiz project laravel
online quiz project

Source Code

I hope above all explanation and images are helps to understand the project. Therefore just download the code and execute on your device, we are already tested in our & working fine without any issues. So enjoy your project and do some minor changes in design code. So faculties are did not able to find like it’s the internet software.

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