Online Payment Project PHP

In this tutorial I have explain how create online payment project PHP & MySQL. For that we need payment gateway providers or we have to manually create new payment gateway service. Actually that’s not a easy process to develop own payment system. Because we need to get more permissions from various departments. So in this project we build simple payment gateway integration process and complete the purchase invoice.

Already we are implementing Payment Gateway Integration using PHP. Once click to go through the link for the reference purpose after that you get clear idea like how it’s working on this project.

Just assume here we have one e-commerce site and make payment for some of products. Therefore we need online payment mode for complete the payments. Here I chose Razor Pay providers because they are very secure and provide more payment options. Like Net Banking, UPI Payments, Bitcoin, Credit & Debit Card etc.

Create Project

Okay let’s start the procedure first like what are requirements we need to complete this project and which technologies are used in this system. Project objective is develop simple web application which is make a online payments.

So the initial step is get credential from popular gateways providers. The steps are listed out in above mentioned articles. So once go through the particular post after that you get clear idea of how integrate payment providers.

Online Payment Project PHP

This example implemented by Razor Pay Gateways. So once read the official documentation for further clarification. Then only you are not struggle in any page during the development time. In below I have add the list o page which is used to complete the payments.

  1. Payment Link
  2. Payment Page
  3. Router
  4. 100+ payment methods
  5. Easy to integrate
  6. Instant Settlements
  7. Secure Access

Online Payment Project Screenshots

Check the project output file then take decision for further development. Through the account number & IFSC code we send payment from one account to another bank. The screenshot image explained in below section. Four modules are explained in the payment project.

  1. Send Amount
  2. Add Amount
  3. All Transaction
  4. My Wallet
online payment project php
online payment project using php

We can able to check the payment history for every transactions. It’s helps to check out the paste and present payment status. Moreover these are common in all gateways but the layout only different when compare to other software.

Source Code

I hope above all code and images are helps to analyze the project structures. However you don’t need to execute on your system, alternatively we provide output files for save the user time. Most of bloggers are did not give this feature but we are provide this feature in every articles.

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