Online Gas Booking System PHP MySQL

Online Gas Booking System PHP MySQL – In this article I will explain how to implement online gas booking management system project using PHP MySQL. In this centuries more advanced options are available to book order but still in our country phone booking only available to book the gas for our home or hotels organizations.

This is very advanced project because here I have to use more libraries for user friendly navigation and easily book the order, track the order, see order history and more advantages used in this project. Bootstrap plugin applied for in this online gas booking portal system using PHP. So its entirely validate dummy data and responsive, attractive user interface.

Gas Booking Portal

Lets start the project of online gas booking management system using PHP. Here there are three modules used that’s like consumer module, distributor module and admin module who are manage entire gas booking portal.

India government not provide the online service but some of private gas companies provide online booking service. Every peoples are like online booking service when compare the phone booking because in online booking we can track the order and history.

Project Modules

Already i told in this project has totally three modules. They are,

  1. Consumer (Customer) Module
  2. Distributor (Agency) Module
  3. Admin Module
  4. Manage Orders
  5. Track Customers
  6. Online/Offline Payments
  7. History (Orders & Users)
  8. Personal Profile Dashboard Management

Every module has more features to use online gas portal system using PHP. Uneducated persons also easily access the gas service because the tab is very easy to handle and use them.

Consumer Module

Consumers means customers who need the gas. Every consumer not book online some customers are directly walk-in office and some consumer make the order through the phone call. Consumer can be able to book the order,track the order, see order history and raise the complaints.

gas booking php

Distributor Module

Distributor module means they are agency. Agencies are directly link into the companies who provide the gas. When consumer book new gas, it will be notified in distributor area. So they deliver the orders in customer address. Give some profit for company managers. Distributor are able to add the connections, manage consumers, check order and view the consumer feedback’s complaints.

online gas booking

Admin Module

Admins are totally manage all distributors and view the consumer orders, complaints feedback and more features only for admin. In anytime admin will be able to remove the Distributor service and new one. Change anything in consumer and Distributor side from admin.

online gas booking system php mysql

Online Gas Booking System Source Code

Here you can download the full source code of online gas booking portal management system using PHP MySQL. If you face any difficulties in this project just comment below i will try to fix your queries. For more PHP project click here to get source code.

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