Notes App Android Studio

In this tutorial I have explain how to create Notes App Android Studio platform. Notes application is very important for some of working professionals. Because they are very busy in work pressure. So in that time via the notes application we able to take some notes. It’s like reminder of future works.

That’s why number of peoples are currently working notes application on their mobile device. It’s very default app in ever android mobile device. However few peoples only download from play store who are looking for high featured apps.

For example we able to protect our notes via password. This is major reason why someone moving for external resources like third party application. I strongly suggest Samsung Notes app, because it provide lot of feature like we encode our entire files. And backup the full notes through the email id. The advantage is we can access from any device & anywhere via the registered email address.

Some of freelancers are looking admob integration. But here we are did not integrate admob service. However in the most of application we built this feature.

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Create Project

Okay let’s see how create android notes app in android studio platform using Java. Through the flutter framework we easily able to develop this application. Because flutter provide lot of ready made widgets, which is helps to implement the application.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Backup the file
  3. Password Protection
  4. Drag into Home Screen Widgets
  5. Create Notes using Voice
  6. Light & Dark Theme
  7. User Friendly Navigation

These are major feature and in he during time you can find more minor benefits. Because we are giving importance for end users. Already 100 plus android projects available in free of cost with source code.

Notes App Android Screenshot

Once check the screenshot after that you are easily understand the concept of notes application. Actually most of notes apps are same. Because everything was just stored the information which is typed by users. Here we are added some extra feature like changing the background colors, font, layouts etc.

notes app android studio
notes app android
notes app java

Source Code

I hope above all code helps to build the simple & advanced notes android application. Moreover you can customize the code as per our own wish. The work is very easy like, just insert the data and retrieved & viewed from database. That’s it, so here we don’t need to write more technical code.

We are using SQLite database for store the data, if you are plan to build large scale project ? Which means plan to deploy on server ? Then go for Firebase where you can manage number of files.

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