News Portal Project Python

In this tutorial I explain how to develop News Portal Project Python Programming language with help of MySQL database. Here we are using Flask framework implement the web application like you can manage admin panel features. It’s like similar of WordPress concept but here alternatively we are using Python back-end code for develop application.

On the other hand Django also good, so choose on your end which is good for your career. But both has lot of features and most of companies are currently hiring Django and Flask developers. Moreover need to install PIP for install the software packages (dependency) files.

news portal project python

We need lot of third party libraries for build the news portal application. That’s why I would like to recommend PIP for further installation steps. In below I have list out steps for how starts and successfully integrate the websites.

What are the Installation Steps

Initially Install Visual Studio Code (VS Code) software on your system for manage the code. And then install Python software for execute the PIP command, actually without Python software we can’t execute the PIP command in our terminal. Moreover need to set Path for PIP in advanced variable section, otherwise it will raise the error of Not Recognized cmd line. So for that first install Python software, after that again open the exe file and click modify button to set variable for PIP.

After that we can use the PIP command in our project terminal to install the software package files. Therefore just complete below points to order by execute the news portal project.

  1. Download & Install VS Code
  2. Install Python Software for Windows.
  3. Download XMPP Software
  4. Again once click Python Exe file and then click modify button to set PIP path on advanced variable section
  5. Installation steps are over and now open the VS code and download the packages via PIP command line.

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Create Project – News Portal

Okay let’s see the steps for creating news website project using Flask framework in Python language. After completing all the above steps you can write code to develop the modules. For example first import Flask Forms, Validation, MySQL database and more. The full details are explained in the upcoming section of source code.

XAMPP is mandatory software for execute the MySQL database code. Then only able to communicate with Python, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript code. Alternatively you can also install MySQL workbench, the choice is on your end.

Features – News Portal Project Python

A lot of benefits are available on this project. In below step by step I have listed out and later that you can customize the code based on your client requirements.

  1. Material Design
  2. User Friendly Navigation
  3. Easy to use
  4. Responsive (Mobile View Supported & Flexible)
  5. Admin Panel
  6. Widgets Supported
  7. Able to Share news on Social Media site like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.
  8. Featured & Covered Images
  9. Pagination
  10. Clean UI


Once check our project output files after that you are getting clear idea like how every modules and forms are executed. However each scripts are important to navigate one page to another page without any issues. Hereafter only projects are looks like very clean and people’s are easily understand the concepts.

news portal python
news portal admin dashboard

Source Code

I hope above all contents & images are helps to build news portal application. But here the project cost is Rs.1000, after pay the amount we give guidelines and instruction to successfully installed on your machine. Most of the college students are looking for Python projects so I hope it will helps to complete your application.

How Make Payment ?

Just WhatsApp me +91 8940379384, for further steps to get the source code.

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