Multi Vendor Ecommerce Android App with Admin Panel

Here I explain how to create multi vendor ecommerce android application with PHP & MySQL database admin panel. Most of the business owners are now connect multiple sellers/vendors for target more customers. So here I upload multi-based vendor android mobile based application & admin panel which is developed by using PHP programming language. Additionally adding Boostrap plugin and JavaScript advanced script for enable better user interface.

Because recent days customers are looking for material design and high level user interface. That’s why most of the developers are suggest high quality programming languages such as Java, Flutter etc. Some programmers are using Ionic framework or webview concept for develop mobile applications. But that’s not getting good result for end users. The navigation, menu layout, user experience and everything was awesome to see on screen.

multi vendor ecommerce android app

Already we are published E-Commerce application for own user who are upload own products without any sellers. But when we connect more sellers then our application/website filled by number of products with offer price. Therefore it’s based on owner requirements, but most of them are recommend multi-vendors.

WordPress Supports Multi-Vendor ?

Yes we can enable multi vendor manually with help of manage users. But it was manually created by admin with some of restriction. However did not able to access more features, so particularly multi-vendor application good when plan to integrate number of sellers/vendors. Through this we can able to list more products, leads & sales.

Native App vs WebView Vs E-Commerce App

When compared to those mentioned application native apps are good and more features. I think already you have broad knowledge about each and every things. If no then once check or read about it on Google to know more answers.

Create Project – Multi Vendor ECommerce Android App

Okay let’s see the steps for how create multi vendor based e-commerce application using Java programming language in android studio. Suppose if you are new in Java then starts with Flutter (Dart) because it has lot of feature and easy to learn when compared with Java languages. However both are best, so the choice is on your end based on your technical knowledge.

First analyze the modules, payment gateway, products, structure, layout, designs and more. Then only you are getting clear cut idea for how to proceed with proper steps and client requirements. A number of developers are shared their own ideas, docs and more, so it was really helps to build better user friendly application.

Admin Panel – Manage Vendors

Actually admin panel is very essential to manage entire products, stores & also vendors. Therefore initially we have to create admin section to upload all products with categories. And later that we can integrate payment gateway for collecting payments from user side.

Modules – Multi Vendor Ecommerce Android

  1. Dashboard
  2. Manage Categories
  3. Menus
  4. Add Products
  5. Products Categories
  6. Manage Sellers/Vendors
  7. Track Orders
  8. OTP verification
  9. Delivery App for Salesman & delivery persons
  10. Social Media Authentication
  11. Online Payment Options
  12. Orders Details
  13. Promo Code
  14. Account Details
  15. Theme Customization

and more major & minor modules are available. So once check out the live demo or working with code after that only you are getting some idea about the project. Output images are explained in below section, so once check those details to get more ideas.

Screenshots/Output Image Files

Once see at our project output files after that change yor project requirements like how it will be published on your machine. We are develop everyone common structure and understanding layouts. In future you can write own code based on your criteria.

multi vendor ecommerce app
multi seller ecommerce app

Source Code – Multi Vendor ECommerce Android

I hope above all contents are helps to develop this project based on your own requirements. If it’s okay then download and import on your machine, for more customization just add more functionalities based on your own ideas. Everything is possible when you have good knowledge in particular programming languages.

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