Movie Video Streaming Android App

Movie Video Streaming Android App – In this tutorial I will explain how develop movie (video) streaming mobile application in android studio. YouTube is one of the greatest example for video platform apps. Amazon prime video, TikTok, Netflix and more platform available on market.

Development is not a easy task, need strong knowledge in mobile app creation. To create mobile apps, you know java or flutter or angular programming languages knows for implementation.

Movie Video Streaming Android App

We able earn money via streaming sites. To accomplish these type of websites or mobile application, need largest amount of storage space. Microsoft Azure cloud computing service helps to build largest websites.

Video Streaming Apps

Upload & Downloading concept is normal when we upload maximum 100 videos (Each video has below 10MB). Still there is no competitor for YouTube, because they have good storage, fastest video viewing, earn money online via ads.

Once check the Live demo for get the full source code. Suppose if you are not satisfied our sites, leave blank.

In the future we are all see the videos on internet, no one watching TV. Everybody depends online based films, songs etc. Alternatively i implement one app that do, play YouTube Video Online.

Source Code

Code’s are here not explained because its very huge amount of code. So i give full source code of how build video streaming apps website in android studio apps. Download the source code from GitHub & credits from Streama.

Movie Video Streaming Android App

This is very biggest and demand project on market place. Once you will implement this app, you can use many places on internet like play store, YouTube, app development company, software service, artificial intelligence sector etc.

In that application as your wish, change the contents like replace TV shows, comedy videos Tamil, create tiktok, Netflix, amazon prime video more related android application.

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