Movie Ticket Booking System Project Python

In this tutorial I have explained how to create online movie ticket booking system project python. Actually ticket booking system is related to collect payment when book cinemas. So we need strong payment gateway and making easiest navigation. Then only no one able to hack our software system, because current days hackers are easily hack our website with some tools. Therefore here Python help us to prevent from hackers & provide best security in server end.

This is the major reason for now why everyone select Python programming language for their project career. Current days most of college students are chosen Python to create web application and Internet of Things (IoT) projects. When compare with Java, Python provide us more software & hardware related helps like simplify users works.

movie ticket booking system project python

Above image is the movie ticket number which means click any one of number to book your movies. The numbers are ordered based on theater seat number from A to Z. So if you need first class ticket then select your ticket in A version otherwise go with descending order for second class. most of theaters are following this pattern to provides tickets for users. Therefore here we are also following same steps for creating theater movie ticket booking project using Python Django framework.

How It Works

First we need to create user interface for users to book their tickets. For that first we get API which is provided by Theater owners who is head for association. Without API it’s not valid because at a same time most of users are book their tickets in various places in different type of application like Paytm, Bookmyshow, Ticket New etc.

The API covers overall booking applications including offline ticket sale system. When new user buy tickets on offline mode, the particular theater owner reserve the offline ticket into online mode. Then only the places occupied by someone who already bought the tickets. Already we are creating ticket booking management system project using Python Django framework. So once read and check output screenshot, after that you get some idea like how improved new one with unique concepts.


  1. Python
  2. Tkinter
  3. Pycharm IDE
  4. MySQL Database
  5. Third Party Library
  6. Mail Service (SMTP)
  7. API

Create Project – Movie Ticket Booking System Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how creating online movies ticket booking system project using Python programming language. Actually most of development codes are provided by official website like how list the movie names, ticket booking orders, seat pattern, payment gateway etc. However we also upload tutorial for how integrate payment gateway like Stripe, Razorpay, Instamojo, PayPal and more.

After all integration we have to manully customize some designs based on unique results. Like every apps has some own style to represent their services. Therefore we can also apply those techniques then only peoples are like our services.

Screenshots – Movie Ticket Booking System

Once check the movie ticket booking system project output images files for confirm your requirements. If okay then move on next section to download the source code or customize your own idea with existing management system projects.

movie details python
movie ticket project get user information

Source Code

I hope above all steps and explanation helps to create perfect python web application. Here we are choosing SQLite, MySQL database for storing values. If you have good knowledge in Firebase then go for cloud features. And it’s working fine in our system, if any bug during run time just contact us for clarify your issues.

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