Most Popular WordPress Plugins

In this tutorial I have explain Top most popular WordPress Plugins. WordPress is widely used by a lot of developers and business personalities. Actually WordPress simplify more works because before WordPress coming everyone invest more time on website development. But now all of the things are totally change like within one hour we able to build attractive websites.

Moreover it provide more ready made features. So it’s completely save our time and no technical knowledge required for do this work. However some developers and college students have no knowledge on WordPress. That’s why here I make this article to simplify the concept.

In the WordPress framework, plugin is a biggest concept. Because it’s operate most of essential things like SEO, Page Builder, stats, theme and more. Without plugin we can’t able to build something new in our website.

Most of persons who have no knowledge in computer science domain. They have no awareness and proper knowledge in plugin section. So test and install so many plugins. As a result it affect page loading speed, SEO, performance etc.

For the better performance we need to install selective and top popular plugins. Then only our site perfectly showing on major search engines.

Most Popular WordPress Plugins

When we select correct plugin then we able to increase our site performance and speed score. In the initial days me also activate lot of plugin but I don’t know the features. Later that only I realized that was totally affect my site. After reading lot of article finally I get some useful resources from high skill developers.

Just follow my recommended plugins and it’s really improve your site.

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. WP Rocket
  3. OceanWP Theme
  4. Elementor
  5. WooCommerce
  6. WPForms
  7. Smush

Above 7 plugins enough for maintain any type of blog/websites. In additionally you have activate five more plugins. So never cross 15 plus activated plugins for one website. When you cross your site performance will be decrease and loading speed also taking more time.

First Check Your Website Speed Test in Pingdom. After that step by deactivate your existing plugin and activate above recommended plugin.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast is one of the best and most popular SEO plugin and which is specially developed for WordPress. Recently Rank Math give good competition for Yoast but always the winner is Yoast. Because they have more years experience on the particular domain.

most popular wordpress plugins yoast seo

2. WP Rocket

You know the most essential Plugin for WordPress ?

  1. SEO – The Winner is Yoast Plugin
  2. Cache – The Winner is WP Rocket Plugin

WP Rocket is most advanced premium cache plugin which is used for optimized contents and increase the website speed. When you install this plugin on your site, then your site loading within a 2 seconds. But this plugin not provide free version, we have to pay $49 per year.

Moreover it’s worth for money.

most popular plugin wp rocket

So if you are financially well then go for this plugin to optimize contents, database, images and minify theme CSS, JavaScript file.

Suppose if you have no money ? Don’t worry alternatively I suggest WP Fastest Cache which is available on free version.

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Most Popular WordPress Plugins Conclusion

Above Two plugins most popular and essential for our blog. Even through these two plugins we able to maintain our site. When do this surely our site page speed is very fast and SEO score also will be increased. Other plugins are just optional so that’s your wish.

Generally Plugins means just extra added features from third parties. So don’t get more plugins. Maximum 10 enough and above 2 plugins is very essential for all bloggers.

Finally I hope above steps are helps to find the most popular WordPress plugins list.

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