MLM Android App Source Code

In this tutorial I have explain how to develop MLM Android app using java programming languages. MLM means Multi Level Marketing it’s like one of the business and most of the peoples are earning passive income through this work. It’s not legit, however some peoples are still making lot of money via MLM concepts. Actually this job available on both of tech & non technical persons. Here we are explain technical way like create simple apps and though this we are applying MLM concepts.

Virtually set some cash payments and when you are cross the threshold we will transfer the exact amount on your account. Before transfer the amount, you have to complete some targets. Initially you need 10 members for refer your apps in public peoples. The application provides games, data entry job, copy paste work and more categories. For every referral we assign some amount for publishers who are recommend our application.

mlm android app

First you have to create new account on our websites. Hereafter we are giving one unique referral id for find your accounts. When the users register your account via referral link, you get virtual points. After crossing threshold just withdraw original money from your account. Rummycircle, dream 11 also one of the best example for MLM related jobs.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Firebase
  4. Glide
  5. Recyclerview
  6. Android Studio (IDE)
  7. SQLite
  8. JSON

Create Project – MLM Android App

Okay let’s see the steps for how create MLM (Multi-level Marketing) application using android android studio platform in java language. If you have good knowledge in Flutter (Dart) then go for it, because it has lot of features when compared to Java Program. Currently most of developers are migrate into Dart programming languages.

In this example we are explain simple app where user get money when someone apply the referral links. So just get the concepts and apply on your application. In every MLM apps this is the objective so I hope surely it will helps to create your own application.


Generally this application has full of features only so we not separately add benefits. What I am try to told ? When you are refer someone you get money. This is the concepts so here we did not implement any additional features. If do then it’s fool our users & they are think about our services like it’s legit or scam.

  1. Easy to Use
  2. User Friendly Navigation
  3. Referral Link
  4. Short URL
  5. Ready made banners
  6. Virtual Payments
  7. Attractive User Interface
  8. Responsive Layout
  9. Payment Gateway

Similarly you can integrate with online payment gateway providers to receive your users money. Alternatively you can directly contact the persons and make the transfer without app integration. When you are following those methods, users are not trusting your services. So just setup payment gateway and then properly collect payments.

Live Demo (Screenshots) – MLM Android

Once check the project screenshot after that you get some idea like how the entire projects working fine. Already we are tested in our device and works fine without any issues. Later that you can customize the code as per your own requirements.

mlm app android studio
mlm android

Source Code

Above all contents are helps to create perfect MLM application on android studio platform. Moreover we are also adding complete guidelines for setup your java application on your device. If you are facing any issues just contact us we are helps to build your application.

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