Medicine Reminder Android App Source Code

In this tutorial I have explain how to create Medicine reminder android app using java code. Nowadays this application getting good response because we are living on buys & digital world. So we need one reminder for complete our daily tasks like Alarm. Most of old persons are forget to eat pill, so through the we have to notify specific medications. Suppose if you are forgot to get tablets on particular domain then we are generate audio sound in your mobile phones.

For that first you have to install our Medicine Pill Reminder app from play store or get locally via device. Hereafter manually you have to set timing for every hours. So the alarm automatically notify sound when reach or exceed exact time duration. We are living on digital world so everyday news updates are comes to save our energy & efforts. But everything is limit, when we are exceed it’s affect our human bodies.

medicine reminder android app

Initially we have to set the time for every day, then only it’s remind us and prevent from health issues. The main feature it’s said the exact tablet name and timing based slot. We have to manually initiate the process or created by doctors teams. Actually it’s perfectly matched for those who are in old age & forget the eat pills.

Create Project – Medicine Reminder Android App

Let’s see the steps for how create medicine (pharmacy) reminder application in android studio using Java program. Already in the above step I explained clearly and now see about development instruction to get perfect application. Before stating that first check requirements like what are functionality we need to develop those type of websites.

Some peoples have this question like it’s similar of Alarm application ? Not at all. Because via this application we get sounds, pills details and able to store the history. So we can easily track and check our medicine details. This is the major benefit for why most of peoples are suggest to activate in our home.


  • Java
  • XML
  • SMTP
  • JSON
  • oAuth
  • Firebase
  • Android Studio (IDE)

Here we don’t need admin panel for manage entire services. Because this application like Static, once we schedule the program then it’s working fine. That’s why I told we don’t need to additionally create extra modules. If you have good knowledge in Google Firebase then you can once try and if works looking good service for end users.


Generally this project has lot of features, because then only peoples are like our application. So we are completely simplify the apps and make very user friendly with easiest navigation. Later that you can customize application based on your own requirements.

  1. User friendly Navigation
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Set our Favorite Sound from our external or internal device
  4. Time duration for every alert
  5. Works fine like Alarm
  6. Collection of Pills

Screenshots – Medicine Reminder Android

once check the project output files after that you get some idea like how it’s working and which are modules we need to execute code. Therefore here we are adding just three screenshot file for completely understand the projects.

medicine reminder android studio app source code
medicine reminder app java

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Source Code

I hope above all source code and explanation helps to build the reminder application. Already we are testing in our device and working fine. If you are getting any issues just contact us to solve problem within a hours. Because we are always online to clear our blog reader doubts.

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