Lyrical Video Status Maker Android App Source Code

Here I explain how to create lyrical video status maker android app using Java program in android studio platform. Nowadays everyone has account on WhatsApp and like to posting status videos. So most of developers are now looking for create song lyrics based application. The reason is when we use exact video file, it may be raise the copyright issues problem from creator end. That’s why most of publishers are now change the audio effects, music and then finally add lyrics instead of video images.

That’s why here I develop status video maker android application for WhatsApp users. Currently we have plenty of options to making money online. For example if you are regularly uploads quality songs with animation effects on Instagram then peoples are starts following your page. As a result you get more followers & earn money via paid promotion. Most of business owners are now market their products or services via Instagram who have more followers.

lyrical video status maker

Digital marketing is everywhere to run the online & offline business. Already we are upload how download other WhatsApp Status (video & images) on your local mobile phone storage. If you need once check live demo for further implementation ideas. Through this app you can earn lakhs of money when deploy into Google Play Store. Because current days this application has good demand, so once try then you get some idea about the application.

How It Works

First we have grant permission for WhatsApp API to access users media files like Video or Images. After approval only we able to view and download files into our system. For that end users also accept our request to permit media files. Next step create storage space for download user videos into our local space. After that user able to save, share, download the particular file from us.


Firebase or MySQL is recommended by every developers and in this project MySQL is enough. Because here we don’t need admin panel for upload the products. If need then Google Firebase is one of the best choice manage files or documents. Therefore here MySQL database is enough and use PHP for integrate into web server.

Create Project – Lyrical Video Status Makers

Okay let’s see the steps for how create and download whatsapp Lyrical Video Audio status maker application using Java program. However if you have knowledge in Dart program then go for Flutter framework. Because when we do via Flutter then our application looks are very great. Kotlin, Flutter, REact or Java the choices on your end.

Alternatively manually also we can add lyrics into our video files or using Camtasia Recorder software to built the text files. Actually this idea only for users not a creators, if you are a creator then development is must to process the videos. Otherwise use some software to making lyrics based videos.

Screenshots – Lyrical Video Status

Check the Video Status Lyric application for find out benefits & modules. Hereafter customize each pages based on your own requirements such as contact page, about, more apps, privacy policy and more. Every apps need these pages then only Google officially accept out application forms.

lyric video status maker android app

Source Code

I hope above all contents & images are helps to create video status application using Java, MySQL & PHP code. Moreover guidelines also added into zip file to make the complete steps like execution process, customization steps and more. If you are facing any issues just contact us for more project related details.

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