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In this article I will explain how create Login Register Android Studio Firebase form with database connection. Nowadays most of android developers are choosing Firebase for creating android apps. Because it has lot of features when compared to other databases like MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB etc. College students also like to use current latest technologies.

Therefore Firebase cloud database is recommended by both of developers and faculties. Another major reason it’s google products. There is no doubts for google products, because every services are unique and high features application.

So in this example I give the sample demo application for login and registration form with validation using Firebase in Android Studio. If you have already some experience in java then go for this examples. Otherwise just move on Flutter. Because flutter has lot of features and ready made widgets. Through this we able to develop more featured application in less time.

When compared to Java & Dart. Both are best however Dart has more benefits. On the other hand via the Java we able to develop large scale application with high security. Similarly both has overall equal features for all developers. Moreover read Firebase CRUD example for make the basic operation of read, delete, update, create elements.

Android Studio Login Register

First we have to create login & sign up form UI designs. After that connect Firebase database for further implementation. You can easily create UI with drag & drop method. Otherwise manually make XML code via scratch design. But most of experienced developers are using manual code for implement the user interface.

So initially create form after that starts a database section for making server to client communication. I hope already you have some experience is Firebase. If no once read the official documentation for better understandings & helps to fix a bugs.

Note :

You have to create new google-services.json file. Then only we able to communicate with google service. In this project we are delete the service file, because it has our account credentials. For that you have to replace your own file for create new project.


Actually this project has lot of features. In below I have explain only the major points which is more useful for use this application. Moreover you can build this project as per your own requirements of guidelines.

  1. Easy to use navigation
  2. Session based login & logout page
  3. Material design
  4. Form validation
  5. Password recovery
  6. Email verification (works only server end) – Not working on local server
  7. 5GB storage spaces

Login Register Android Screenshot

Once check the login & registration for with validation using Firebase database. After check the output file, you get some idea like how it’s working on our device. That’s why in the every article we added the screenshot file for better understanding for end users.

android login register firebase
login register android studio firebase
login signup form firebase android studio

Source Code

I hope above all images & source codes are helps to build the perfect login & registration form using Firebase cloud database. However this database is perfect match for all android apps who are plan to deploy on server like play store. Otherwise MySQL or SQLite is the best option for create apps with database connection.

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