Location Tracking Flutter

In this article let’s see how develop Location Tracking Flutter application project using Dart language. Nowadays most of app developers are migrate into flutter for lot of benefits. That’s why here me also implement projects fro college students working professionals.

When compare to java, flutter has so many ready made widgets. So we easily able to drag & drop code from our system. This is major reason through this we save code, time, efforts and finally attractive user interface designs. Hybrid application also making both of Android & iOS via the flutter framework.

Already I develop one project which is on Java Get Google Map Current Location in Android Studio platform. Once you have to visit that because you got some idea in the API.

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Project Overview

Suppose if you are beginner in Flutter then once read the official documentation for know more about the language code. After that you can easily understand the code and got one idea like how implement flutter apps on your own code.

Generally most of apps need user location permission for deliver the goods like Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon etc companies are asking access our live place. Then only they are able to track our address & send the particular things.


Users are create account then they are join the groups for share the link for track the location. Here I have add just two screenshots only for a sample demo purpose. Get the source code below section and run on your own system.

I hope above images are helps to analyze the entire project and still have any doubts just comment below I will solve your queries within a days.

Location Tracking Flutter Source Code

Time to get the free source code Android Live Location Tracker using Flutter Dart. Through the Google API also we have options for track users or company live places. Inch by inch able to locate users points. According to that also share from other persons like WhatsApp application.

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