Location Finder Using Mobile Number PHP

Here I explain how to develop Location Finder Using Mobile Number PHP & MySQL. Current days most of peoples are looking for this query because we need this service for to find someone. It’s possible when we integrate with exact program code.

Already we have implemented user location finder project concept using Python in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. But for that we need to spend some amount to buy hardware. Then only able to integrate both of software & hardware services.

In this example we are doing this process via PHP program. However we did not give 100 percentage surety for get the exact results. When you are follow our documentation, then 90 percentage chances are there a exact results. Moreover we need server space for communicate with some third party libraries.

IP Address ?

Through the IP address we easily able to get the client location. But in the maximum of time it did not work properly when our IP address dynamically changing from one server to another server. So here I did not recommend this way however if you are okay then proceed otherwise follow my steps.

Location Finder using Mobile Number Latitude & Longitude ?

Apart from this latitude and longitude also one of the best way to find the user exact location. But for that we need to initially integrate the device into our electronic devices. Otherwise latitude and longitude’s are not working properly. And did not get the exact user location, alternatively we manually integrate software code into our hardware tools.

location finder using mobile number php

This application not find the exact result when the users switch off the phone. Because here we are using client IP address for get the exact location. On the other hand end users must enable the phone and switch on the internet connection.

In the future we are surely upload better update which is not demand any additional concepts. Here we are in beginning level for this sector so step by step implement this project. I hope this project surely helps to build this source code on your own application.

Location Finder using Mobile Number Features

The common feature is we get anyone location who are integrate the deice into our phone.However we have another option to automatically get the location via phone calls or SMS link generation. For example when the user click our link, we automatically get the location and integrate our map to show he exact address point.

  1. Get the exact locaion
  2. Track via SMS
  3. Share location to social media
  4. Find Latitude & Longitude
  5. Exact IP Location

Above features are majorly used on this project to get the user location. These are major point for find out the further steps.

Location Finder using Mobile Number Source Code

Further code and explanations are available on source code section. For more details you can download the code in free of cost because it’s not a easy to do everyone. We need strong knowledge in the particular domain then only survey with this project.

Core PHP is not perfect for developing those application. So here we are recommend PHP frameworks such as Laravel or Codeigniter.

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