Live TV Streaming Android App Source Code

Here I have explain how to develop Live TV Streaming Android App in android studio platform. Current days most of peoples are watch their favorite shows on mobile devices. However some channels are provide separate android app for watching shows. For example SUN network launch Sun Nxt app for watching all programs which is telecast in Sun TV. Because we are living on digital world, so we have no time to watch serials, movie on via TV.

Alternatively we are using mobile phones, Amazon Prime Videos, YouTube, Netflix and more program. These are helps to watch the program on online devices. Therefore here we are developing android application similar of watching all TV program in single apps. For that we need those channels approval then only we able to telecast the program in our application.

live tv streaming android

Above image is the screenshot of live TV streaming android app file. For the understanding purpose here I have adding output file. If it’s okay for you then move next section to continue the articles. Otherwise go next tutorial part for create your own design or with someone guidelines. Maximum of developers are provide those type of designs, structures, patterns etc.

Live TV Streaming App Android Studio – Create Project

I hope already you know the basic steps for how create project in android studio platform. Initially you have to choose some of activities and later that customize the structure based on project requirements. However most of developers are using this method to develop android apps and deploy into google play store.

First follow all the normal steps where we using create new project with package name, gradle version, API Level, SDK etc. Here we are using both of MySQL and Google Cloud Firebase database for manage the TV channels in server side. Actually Firebase is just optional when you have own server with minimum 5GB storage space for accessing TV channels. But mostly students have no premium server, that’s why here we are integrated into Firebase database.


  1. Java
  2. Firebase
  3. XML
  4. MySQL
  6. Android Studio (IDE)

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How Live TV Streaming App Works ?

First we get permission from all of TV Channel program where we integrate into our android application. Suppose if you are plan to stream the Vijay TV shows on your android application, then legally you get permission from Vijay network. If they are approve our request, then the TV channel provide shows via API services.

So finally we able to telecast the every channel program in our android application. However permission is important, because illegally also getting connection into the particular channel. But that’s not a good habit and we did not survey with long term processing steps. Therefore approval steps only the things for execute the streaming application.


  1. API Service
  2. Automatic Process
  3. Easy to use
  4. List View
  5. Sharing to Social Media Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
  6. Little bit similar functionality of YouTube

Source Code

For the demo purpose we just telecast one single channel. So for more you have to legally get permission from the channel and then integrate with your application. Nowadays local channels are lot, so first you have to contact the local TV entertainment programs. After that few months later move to big channels like Vijay, Sun, Jeya TV, Polimer news and more.

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