Library Management System Project PHP

In this article I have explain how to develop online library management system project PHP & MySQL. Already we are developed this project, however here added more features with latest technologies. Because nowadays peoples are looking great products then only our services are stands on market. Therefore here we are plan to re-create the library project with more benefits for both of students and admin owners.

Moreover we have available for Digital library (E-Library) in premium mode. The project cost is just Rs.500 only. Through this you can download and upload soft copy file of PDF documents. So there is no need for maintain ordinary library systems. Current days most of colleges are starts to using digital library concept for simplify the student works.

Therefore students able to borrow books on any time and no need to waiting the approval steps. Because here we received only soft copies, not a physical books. Once check the live demo after that take decision like it’s worth or not.

For example purpose here I added one screenshot file of library project. If it’s okay then continue the articles, otherwise move on next blog to continue your queries. More screenshots are available on end of the article and this is just demo purposes.

library management system project php

Create Project – Library Management System Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how create perfect & advanced library management system project using PHP & MySQL database. Here am not using any frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii. Because you need more knowledge for handle the code. Therefore first learn Core PHP, after that you get idea about like how working with frameworks.

Additionally Firebase also one of the best option for integrate with PHP code. When you are using Firebase no need to buy server, because initially Firebase give us 5GB free storage for store the database files. For that we have to learn like how setup, how create and integrate with PHP code. Then only you get clear cut idea for working with any type of projects.

Library Management System Technologies

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. PHP
  5. MySQL Database
  6. XAMPP Server
  7. Sublime Text IDE

Admin Works

  1. Login the Portal
  2. Add/Remove Books
  3. Maintain the Stocks
  4. Full Access Control

Student Works

  1. Create Account
  2. Check the categories & get your favorite books
  3. Books are available PDF Format
  4. Every books are available in soft copy format. So you can able to download the copies.
  5. Just enter book name and get it own.


Actually here lot of features are available. So here I explain some of major benefits when accessing this on your system. You can easily customize the code as per your own requirements. Because here we are writing user friendly PHP code.

  1. Material Navigation Design
  2. OTP generation (only works on server)
  3. Login for both users & admin
  4. Product Search
  5. Category wise Books are listed
  6. Semester wise Filter the Books
  7. Filter options available
  8. Reminder for Students
  9. Maintain Stocks
  10. Easily find the out of Stocks
  11. Control students via their unique book id’s.

Library Management System Project PHP Screenshot

In below we have added the exact output file of library project. I hope after seeing this you get some knowledge about like how customize the designs. For more queries just contact because we are always online to help our blog readers.

library management system project php login form
library management system project php mysql

Source Code

Above all code’s are helps to build the error free library project. It’s very simple project so don’t take more time for complete this project. Suppose if you are beginner in PHP ? Don’t worry, you can easily able to learn code within a one month. We have own YouTube channel and PHP tutorials are available for learn full code.

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