Library Management System Flutter

In this article let’s see how develop library management system flutter. Actually library project was very old but still some students are select this project. That’s why here I have explain this project for who are looking e-library codes.

Already in my blog I post Digital Library project which is developed by programming languages of PHP & MySQL. In that project downloaded by most students even organization also buy the source code. I plan to sell the source code because three months I have spend my time.

Flutter is one of the good framework to build hybrid mobile applications. So your selection was correct and try to work with widgets, components etc.

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Project Overview

This project has totally 10 plus modules. Every thing was explained in further upcoming sections. When everything was converted into digital, manual work was decreased. For the reason jobless peoples are day by day increased in a particular domain.

Here it was developed in the IDE of Visual Studio Code which is very comfortable for implement codes. On the other hand most of developers are strongly recommend this editor. So me also use this & suggest my blog readers.


There are lot’s of features available on this project. Especially some of main things only discussed here & if any queries just ask from comment section.

  1. Book Author Profile
  2. End users able to write reviews about the books
  3. Book stocks listed on category wise
  4. Collect fine amount when excess the date.
  5. Able to check Quota
  6. Easy to filter the book and more.
library management system flutter

Actually this is main page admin dashboard for accessing all books and accounts.

It’s very user friendly so easily able access all navigation without any struggles.

No technical knowledge required for using this project.

As a result was responsive so all the students are use in mobile layout and laptop/tablet.

Fore more Flutter Projects with free source code.

I hope it was helps to build on your system. In below I have share the full source code of library management system project flutter.

Library Management System Source Code

Let’s get the entire code here & if raise any issues just comment below I will clarify your doubts within 24 hours. Apart from this article most of companies are now hire python developers, so learn python to expose your knowledge in django framework.

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