Learning Management System Android Studio App Source Code

In this tutorial I explain how to develop how to develop learning management system android studio projects using Java programming language with admin panel features. Recent days most of the institutions and college’s are using online platform to provide number of courses. Here you can access complete study materials such as video files, audio, PDF documents etc.

Totally two options are available here like Free courses & Premium Courses. In the the free you can only view the particular file and in the premium plan able to download complete documents. Moreover quiz features also available like MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) patterns. Actually these are common for every courses. That’s why here we are following this method to list out all of existing & new courses.

User App Modules

In below we are list out collection of modules/page which is used for develop LMS based e-learning application. After seeing the module you get some idea like how every pages are managed and what are the features are covered on particular sections.

  1. Welcome Screen (Introduction about the application)
  2. Signup Page (Create new account)
  3. Login Screen (with Email or Mobile Number based OTP)
  4. Main Dashboard
  5. List of Courses
  6. MCQ
  7. Materials
  8. Study documents
  9. Preview Courses
  10. Buy Now & Check out
  11. Payment Gateway Integration (Razorpay & CCAvenue)

Admin Panel Modules

Admin Panel is very important part for this application, because every information are submitted via admin navigation. For example manually we have to create number of courses with subject wise or lesson wise and then set MCQ for particular categories.

Additionally we can able to check the list of students, courses, manage & track payments, add new lessons and more features are available on the admin section.

  1. View the Students list who are registered the application
  2. List the number of courses
  3. Add new courses, subjects, categories etc.
  4. Track & Manage Payments
  5. Create Quiz (Online Exam)
  6. Result showing
  7. Payment Gateway

Back-end developed by PHP framework of Laravel, if you are good in PHP then choose this otherwise you are facing issues. However Core PHP also good to learn new things and able to certain things like introduce new features.

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Source Code – Learning Management System Android

I hope above all steps are helps to understand & find the project queries. And in this project not for free you have to pay some amount for accessing and use full of features. If you are interested on this project then just contact us for seeing live demo with proper explanation videos.

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