Laravel Login Registration Example

Here I explain how develop Laravel Login Registration example using PHP code. Actually without login & register form we did not able to develop web applications. Because every websites need Login & Signup for manage the users and accessing power in some restrictions. Therefore here I develop simple login and register form using PHP & MySQL.

Already in our blog we are explain how to create website using Laravel Framework. However some of college students and developers are looking for separate login & registration form. That’s why we are clearly explained without any further issues. Current days most of software companies are give importance for Frameworks based language. Because through this only we able to create large scalable projects like shopping websites, billing software etc.

laravel login registration example
laravel login page php

Above image is the output of this project. Here we are implementing validation & it’s very easy in frameworks only. When we choose core PHP, then manually write JavaScript code for validate the forms and pages. And here with the help of library files, we easily build the validation code. Moreover social media login oAuth also important to create the projects. Because currently most of peoples are using social media login button. Through this they are like to save the time and efforts. Another major reason is everyone has social media accounts like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn.


  1. PHP
  2. Laravel
  3. MySQL
  4. HTML
  5. CSS
  6. JavaScript

How It Works

This is a normal web page, first we have to create forms using View Controller such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript. After that make a connection into MySQL database where we will store & retrieve entire information such as name, email, password etc. Finally write connection queries via PHP code and then it was successfully connected to show the results.

Project Live Demo

Live demo is not available on this project. Because it’s just a login and register page, so no need to check the live views. If you are beginner in Laravel then once read the official documentation for learn more codes.

Features of Laravel Login Registration

Generally every project has several features and when analyze about this example it has limited benefits. They are explained in below section and here we did not implement more features because it’s just Laravel authentication page for authorize the users.

  1. Form Validation
  2. Material Design
  3. Single Page View
  4. Auto Suggestion
  5. Sessions

Create Laravel Login Registration Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how create login and registration (signup) form using Laravel Framework. I hope already you have some knowledge in PHP code. Because then only you can write code via this frameworks. Otherwise learn via YouTube platform to see more videos. MySQL database is the best option for store data from database.

On the other hand Cloud Firebase also best platform to store information. Through the Firebase we do more things like able to maintain admin panel for accessing web pages. For example E-commerce site, food delivery application and more sites.

Source Code

Above all content is help is build the software projects like Login & Sign up form. Already we are tested the script and it’s working fine without any errors. If anything raised just contact for clarify your doubts. However every project has some common mistakes and to clear that you need knowledge about the particular domain.

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