Jewellery Shop Project PHP

In this article I have explained how to create online jewellery shop project PHP & MySQL. Actually it’s not a most demand project. However some college students are looking for jewellery based mobile web application using API. That’s why I develop simple with advanced feature of Jewellery shop management system project using PHP.

It’s like similar of online e-commerce website such as Flipkart, Amazon etc. Already we are uploaded lot of ecommerce web application using PHP. Suppose if you are looking for specially developed jewellery project, then you can get it with more features. Because clients are looking for extra added features to simplify their works. So maximum of navigation simplified by end users, so we hope surely it’s helps to create jewellery website shopping site using PHP..

If you are familiar in frameworks then go for Laravel or Codeigniter. Otherwise Core PHP is enough, because it’s not a large scale project, that’s why I recommend Core PHP program. Additionally here we are adding some extra features like You can create and send own designs. After that jewellery shop owners are contact you & obey your responses.

Because nowadays most of girls are expected new designs in market. But in sometimes it’s not available on shopping sites. Therefore we are added those features for user friendly shopping experience for all the customers.


  1. PHP
  2. MySQL
  3. HTML
  4. CSS
  5. Bootstrap
  6. JavaScript
  7. Sublime Text

Create Project – Jewellery Shop Project

Okay let’s see about the steps for how create online jewellery shopping project using PHP and MySQL database. End of the article we are giving full source code with proper documentation. The reason is most of college students are looking for both of source code project documentation report for submit the code.

This is the major reason for why we are added documentation for all the articles. Moreover it’s very helpful for beginners who have no proper knowledge to execute the project. For the better experience, once you have check our E-Commerce project in PHP code. After that you get some idea like the difference between both shopping cart websites.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Simple navigations
  3. One page layout view
  4. Check out page (Material)
  5. Responsive Result
  6. Material Design for Important Pages
  7. Online Payment Gateway (Instamojo,Payumoney,Razorpay)

Alternative Way – WordPress

Very Easiest alternative ways are available to create shopping cart websites. For that lot of ready made content management systems are available. In that list WordPress is one of the best way to create Ecommerce shopping sites via woocommerce plugin.

If you are beginner in WordPress ? Don’t worry WordPress is easy to learn platform. So you can learn all the things within a three days with help of YouTube platform. Tutorials are available on all languages like Tamil, English, Hindi and more.

Jewellery Shop Project PHP Screenshots

Check the output file after that you get clear cut idea like how it’s works on our system. Already we are tested in our device and it’s working fine without any issues.

jewellery shop project using php
jewellery shop project php

Source Code

I hope above all source code of online jewellery shopping project using PHP helps to build the perfect website. WordPress is recommended way for business peoples. And if you are new to program to learn about PHP ? Then continue with Core PHP code. Through the core code we can learn more tricks about how implement the code in real time.

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