Insurance Management System PHP

In this tutorial I have explain how to create online Insurance management System PHP & MySQL project. Once upon a time most of peoples are save & deposit their money via insurance platforms. But now that was entirely changed and now peoples are starts invest their money in land, business. As a result now insurance counts are decreased when compared to old statistics.

It’s similar of save money in bank account and the major difference is we get more interest and feature on insurance companies. Another advantage is it’s integrated to central government so we don’t fear to deposit our money through insurance policy. Currently some peoples are move on health insurance to save their cost and which is surely help to manage our health related disease.

lic of india
credits – LIC

Life Insurance of Corporation of India (LIC) has lot of schemes and methods for save our money monthly or yearly basis. If you don’t know about this, then once read the official documentation for knowing more clarifications. Moreover you can see full details about the project in further upcoming steps. This is just introduction of Insurance system and why here we have used in our life.

Create Project – Insurance Management System PHP

Let’s start to see the steps for how create online insurance management system project using PHP and MySQL database. If you are beginner in PHP ? read documentation for more steps. However PHP is very easiest programming language, so you can learn within a 3 days. So don’t worry and did not get frustrated to create projects using PHP. First choose your project title and then go for it, each concept has separate solution for internet. Generally Insurance categorized by 4 types.

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Home Insurance
  3. Motor (Vehicle) Insurance
  4. Travel Insurance

I hope already you have some knowledge in insurance managements like bike or car. In our bike we correctly renew the insurance, because when we miss that accidental amounts are not covered in our account. That’s why most of peoples are regularly follow the insurance and renew in correct date. Once we miss it, then we have to pay full amount for accidental or any other damages. Alternative we have insurance plan, then no need to pay the amount.


  1. PHP
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. Bootstrap
  6. MySQL Database
  7. Sublime Text (IDE)


  1. You can control all over insurance types in this single web application.
  2. Collect payments via online payments
  3. Users able to check their status online like pending payments, balance amount, profile dashboard and more.
  4. Password Recovery (Email Verification – Only works on Server)
  5. Able to close the account
  6. Online Support Forum

Main Modules – Insurance Management System

Initially we have to order the modules then only manage entire accounts on single projects. It’s differ via customer id and where we store every users insurance details as well as personal information. So customer id is act on the role of primary key to get any type of values.

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Insurance Project Screenshot

Once check the project screenshot and then decide whether it’s worth or not based on your requirements. You can customize the code as per your client budget or way of structures. Everything depends on user but quality is much important to develop user friendly navigation.

insurance project php
login page insurance management system php
insurance management system php

Source Code

Above all source code helps to build insurance management system project using PHP. Already we are tested in our device and it’s working fine, so we hope you did not face any issues during the installation. Moreover you can also contact us for further support from our end.

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