Instagram Source Code

In this tutorial I have explain how develop Instagram source code in Android Studio platform using java & both of flutter framework. Nowadays Instagram is widely used by everyone because they are provide lot of features. After ban TikTok application Instagram occupy the major spaces on social media sites. Therefore here I explain how implement Instagram Clone Android Application on your device.

When compare YouTube shorts & Instagram reels which is better ? No doubts Instagram app is the winners. Because it has plenty of animation features but in YouTube there is no extra features. So peoples are mostly spend their time on Instagram application.

Another feature is we have use audio section on Instagram without any copyright strikes problem. But in YouTube we did not have permission to use Audio library. Legally we need to get permission from the owner or give credits to owner, otherwise our video will be removed from YouTube.

This is also one of the major reason for everyone should migrate into Instagram application. For the every updates they are launching new features which is mostly liked by most of users.

Create Project

Okay let’s see how to implement Instagram Clone Android Studio source code. I hope already you know the basic steps for create new project. After that we need to integrate Firebase cloud database for communicate on server end. For this Firebase is recommended and good option for accessing server side information. However we need structured database for storing the necessary files.

Suppose if you don’t know for integrating android app to Firebase cloud, then once read about the official documentation. Then you get clear idea for how store & access new data from client end. Through the react or Angular, Python also we able to develop this project within a months.

Firebase Database

Once read the doc, then start to implement the code. Similarly on the hand you have write code for structured language. Firebase optional only not a mandatory but we need the help of MySQL database to store the all server details.

Live chat modules are perfect to integrate with Firebase. Because when we communicate via live chat, everyone expect fastest response without taking seconds. That’s why developers are suggest Firebase to the better performance into our server.

Live Chat Modules

Live chat optional available on market from the different type of sellers. Some developers are provide the live chat in free of cost. But you have to check whether the person original or fake. Then take further decision which is best for better life.

Instagram Reels

Reels is another one features for uploads shorts videos, and makeup modeling tips. To make reels are very easy but we have to make comedy shoes.

Instagram Source Code Screenshots

Once check out the project screenshot after that only we are able to see the output files. I hope it surely helps to build similar of Instagram application. But we did not provide the feature of same as Instagram. However we covered maximum of main features. And in future we will give big updates similar of top social media application.

instagram clone newsfeed
instagram source code
instagram clone profile

Instagram Source Code

Above all content are helps to build Instagram clone android application. Animation, face changing, audio jam, sticker, live chat, emoji and more. Moreover I did not recommend this application for download the source code. If any doubts feel free to contact in the below section.

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