Increase GTmetrix Score WordPress

In this tutorial I have explained how to Increase GTmetrix score WordPress website/blog. Current days most of blog are built by WordPress platform. Because it has lot of features when compared to other competitors. So in this example we will give the proper explanation for how improve GTmetrix score & grade. I have 5 plus years experience in software field and 2 plus years experience in WordPress platform. Therefore in below in my own experience I suggest some of best methods for increase your site performance as well as speed.

Before proceed the steps you need to know some basic things. After that only you get some idea about how we develop our blog without affect current SEO status. Most of beginners have no proper knowledge in blog development. Because different type of department peoples are create website. Suppose if you are studied computer science department then you can easily pickup and implement the site.

Why GTmetrix

Actually GTmetrix website helps to find our website/blog issues like where our site takes more time to load contents. For example if your theme/plugin has issues, then GTmetrix easily rectify and give the best solution for solve the problem. That’s why most of WordPress users are check their site performance on the particular site.

My Blog Result

Initial days I get just 54% percentage score & C Grade. Because that time I have no idea about blogging and no awareness in GTmetrix tool. After one year I learn some technical things about SEO, Cache, Themes and more things. And now I have good knowledge so easily I able to increase my website score.

gtmetrix result vetbossel
My Blog Result

Suppose if your website Grade, Performance, Structure is very low ? Don’t worry just follow my below steps to increase all the required field. When we follow the right steps then easily pickup our online career to generate passive income.

Increase GTmetrix Score WordPress

Let’s see the steps for how increase GTmetrix Score and Performance in WordPress platform. In below I have explain some of common steps and when you are following those procedure then you can easily clear the issues.

  1. Don’t Install So many Plugins
  2. Install Only who have 4 plus star rating plugins.
  3. Use 4 plus star rating themes only, because it’s very important to perform the speed.
  4. Astra, OceanWP, GeneratePress themes are good.
  5. Must Activate one Cache plugin like WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, LiteSpeed and more. However WP Rocket is one of the best cache plugin but it’s only available on free version. So if you are financially good then go for that because which is helps to optimize database and minify the CSS & JavaScript files.
  6. Plugin & Themes are very important to improve our website/blog performance.
  7. Most of peoples are don’t care about theme and plugins, that’s why sites are down. And it’s finally break the search traffic and money.

That’s it. When you are following those steps then easily sort out the problem. Still no changes on GTmetrix ? Don’t worry just contact us and we will helps to increase your grade, performance and structure. But it’s not for free, you have to pay Rs.500 and we will clear the issues within a 2 hours.

WP Rocket – Increase GTmetrix Score WordPress

This plugin do most of works but we have to pay $39 per month. However without this also we able to increase the speed. So follow my above steps and no changes on GTmetrix then contact our support team to improve your blog results.

increase gtmetrix score wordpress
credits – WP-Rocket

In conclusion I hope currently you get some idea to improve the blog performance. Moreover most of bloggers and developers are suggest these ways to increase ranks. Already I analyzed so many articles and then only write this post for help peoples who are try to increase performance.

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