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Here I have explain how Increase Blog Traffic WordPress platform. Nowadays most of bloggers are choose WordPress for making blog. When compare both of Blogger & WordPress, WP is the best & so many features are available. That’s why most of developers are recommend WordPress.

We can easily able to create blog because documentation and video tutorials are available on Internet. That was very easy but increase the Blog SEO traffic work is not easy to do everyone. We need strong or some basic knowledge in SEO domain. Then only able to Ranking our Blog on Internet.

Without SEO & Traffic our blog is Waste. That means without user what’s the use of Blog & Why we Posting Articles ?

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Blogging is best option for generate secondary income. So your decision was good, First learn how get traffic with our blog and how improve SEO in our article post. Then only able to beat our competitors to rank our site on Google.

I think you are a beginner so here you come to study about this article. Therefore just follow my below steps for boost your blog without pay money for SEO plugin. Because some users are buy the Premium SEO Plan for increase the keyword traffic. Here I guide you as the same procedure in Free plug-in.

Okay let’s see How Increase Blog Traffic WordPress.

Organic Traffic Vs Social Media Traffic

Before going on the primary topic once we discuss with this topic. Generally it’s very important for SEO platform. Most of website traffic comes from Organic ways & some blog traffic from the referral of social media networking sites like Facebook & Instagram.

But in the initial stage we did not able to organic way method. It take some time like three or four month. Between this time you can try social media traffic method like share your blog post link from Facebook or other site. Through this you can able to get the visitors.

increase blog traffic wordpress

Then step by increase the viewers, that was very easy. Beginning only hard so don’t give up.

First Follow Social Media Traffic, Later that Automatically our Blog listed on Organic Traffic.

Because Google AdSense Give more money us when our blog traffic on organic traffic. That’s why most of bloggers are target organic method.

When compare both Organic Traffic is BEST.

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Top Ways Increase Blog Traffic WordPress

Here I suggest & recommend best ways for ranking your website. When we got goof traffic then able to earn more money via the advertisements. In 2016 I was started blog & face lot of struggles to get my blog for increase the ranking of site.

Finally now I got the tricks for how survey the blogging & how improve the traffic. Therefore here my suggestion is everything take sometime for understanding the basic terms.

For example if you are getting arranged marriage, in the initial stage can’t able to understand your wife action. But after going on few days only you can fully analyze and understand wife full characters like positive & negative.

1. Submit Sitemap on Google Search Console

I hope already this step was completed in your side, as a formality here I give this steps. After submitting the sitemap your post was regularly indexing on Google Search Engine. So this is initial step for every bloggers.

Regularly check the status of Google search console dashboard, because sometime it showing warning errors and need to fix in our end. If we did not fix the error, your ranking is going on decreased. That’s why I told always focus on the Google Console status.

2. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is the Best SEO plug-in for WordPress. Five million users are use this plugin & everyone give full positive reviews. Alternative plug-ins also available on market but no one beat Yoast. Last Year Rank Math SEO is coming and get good reviews.

Some bloggers are migrate into Rank Math but most of users are still use Yoast and me also use this plugin for last five years.

yoast seo vetbossel
  1. Your post word length minimum 400 and maximum is 1200.
  2. Recommended Word Length is 1000
  3. Focus on Three Keywords only
  4. In every post should add Internal & External Links
  5. Add Three Images for every articles.

3. The Next Step ?

When you have following both steps in correct method, then you can easily rank your website on Google. Most of blogger are explain lot of ways for increase traffic on WordPress. But the fact is this two steps enough for get good ranking on Google Search Engine.

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