House Rental Project PHP

Here I explain how to implement House Rental Project PHP & MySQL database. Through this web application you can book your house/room with so many filter features. For example able to check more home interior, photos, condition, price, parking and more benefits are available. So first check all the houses & then finally decide which is better for your comfort zone. Recent days most of peoples are ignore brokers and directly book their rooms with help of online.

For example OLX apps helps lot to find the house, moreover every owners has own website to promote their rooms, Therefore we can easily find our favorite house without any commission. Because every brokers are asking one month house rent commission. But it’s too much, however we have to pay for them then only occupy rooms. Alternatively now able to directly access all houses based on particular places like city or district.

house rental project php

There is two options book the rooms from users end. Full Payment or Advance payment, one is important to book the room. After that only we are conform your availability to stay on house. Otherwise you can’t book the room or directly visit hotel and pay cash into owners. So the options on your end, if comes directly then we can’t check every rooms. Because it was already engaged to someone, so online option only available to visit all photos.

Create Project – House Rental Project PHP

Okay let’s see the steps for how create house rent project using PHP & MySQL. For the sample purpose we use some duplicate images for add every homes. Therefore later that you have to replace your existing images and remove old one. Then only users are believe your services with real photos. In most of house owners are download photos from internet to attract users. But that’s not a good to cheat someone money.

Real photos are always best, so don’t forget to change images. Actually this is very simple concept, just add images with features. After that click to move on checkout page if users confirm the room. Hereafter users are make payments via online gateway like UPI, QR Code, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card etc. Razorpay is one of the best gateway for collect online payments with lowest commission and best services in world wide. Most of major companies are using Razorpay & stripe services. In our blog already we are explain how Integrate with Razorpay site.


  1. PHP
  2. MySQL Database
  3. HTML
  4. CSS JavaScript
  5. Bootstrap
  6. Gmail SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
  7. Sublime Text IDE

Screenshots – House Rental Project PHP

Once check the house rental management system project using PHP & MySQL. Hereafter you get some idea like how it’s working on our device. Later that you can customize the source code as per your own requirements. Live demo taking some time that’s why here alternatively I added output images.

house rental website using php mysql
house rent management system php

Source Code

I hope above all source code helps to create house rent management system project using PHP. You can set your own price for every home based on luxury type such as single, double bedroom, AC & Non AC etc. We are tested in our device & working fine without any issues, if you have face any error just contact us to solve the bugs.

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