Hotel Booking App Android Studio

In this tutorial I have explained how to develop hotel booking app android studio platform. It includes both of rooms and food delivery services for everyone who are looking for online room booking services. The primary is list the variety of hotels like single bedroom, luxury rooms and more categories. Current day most of peoples are book their room in online mode.

Because online brokers are give more offers like gift cards, cashback offers etc. That’s why most of end users are book their rooms in online website. Room categories are updated in every new levels, because resellers are regularly updated new things. Apart from this, our website also listed on top hotel booking apps like Oyo.

hotel booking app android

For example purpose in above we have added one screenshot file of hotel management system project using Java. This project has several features and you can feel this when you are using the application on your devices. Generally every hotel booking apps needs more benefits, then only we maintain user friendly application.

You can use this application in other ticket booking system like Railway, Airline Reservation System etc. Just change some designs and images only after that it will be perfect fine. Therefore in this single application you can build three plus apps.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Firebase
  4. MySQL/SQLite
  5. Glide
  6. API (Google, Facebook)
  7. Android Studio IDE

Create Project – Hotel Booking App Android

Okay let’s see the steps for how create room and food order application. Most of hotels are did not provide the food services but here in this application we are adding those convenient features. Because it’s very helpful for both of customers and hotel owners who are manage the entire application.

Suppose if you are plan to deploy this project on server end then you should go for Firebase if you don’t have server space. Otherwise you can use SQLite or MySQL database for storing files and structured documents. Through the JSON file we easily communicate with server end using Firebase cloud API services.


  1. Social Media Authentication
  2. Material Design
  3. Easy Check-in & Check-out
  4. Booking Validation
  5. Online Payment Integration
  6. Request refund Process if user cancel the room
  7. Doorstep service for foods
  8. Live Tracking
  9. Check & Track Live Location using Google API

Important Modules for Hotel Booking App

Actually payment section is more important for place our orders. Because initially we configure those things on during the development time. Then only customize the code as per our own requirements. Every modules are integrated with REST API services, because hotels are overall distributed with other major platforms such as Oyo.

Hotel Booking App Screeenshot

Just check below screenshot file after that take decision like it’s worth or not for your future requirements. If yes then continue on next section to download the source code, if no move on other articles to get more resources related to your project.

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online hotel booking android application
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Source Code

Above all code and explanations are helps to create perfect online hotel room booking services using Java in android studio platform. Moreover you can use these concepts on various technologies like PHP, Python, Flutter, C Sharp and more. But Java is more recommended to access more features and adopt for large scaling applications.

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