Hostel Management Android App

In this tutorial I have explained how to create hostel management android app using java program. Already we are uploading this project using PHP & Python. Now some students are request to implement android app because current days everyone have smartphone. Therefore business persons are like to use and create mobile application. Currently we are living on digital world & everything was changed into very advance methods.

Now every hostel under surveillance of Camera and technically manage the students data in digital ways. For that we need smartphone to manage the all data where we fetch entire information. Every news are automatically updated via android mobile phone who is admin of particular application. Suppose if you are the admin of hostel then you can manage your students, rooms and whole control through the application.

hostel management android app

As a result no need to go for desktop to change the application. Through the mobile application we control every services like attendance, reminder, personal information and more details. To know about more details once visit our hostel management system web application project using PHP programming language. Hereafter you can get clear cut idea like how every modules are worked and what are the made to complete applications.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. API Services
  4. MySQL Database
  5. PHP
  6. Android Studio IDE

Create Project – Hostel Management Android App

Let’s see the steps for how create and maintain hostel booking android application as a warden role. Here Warden is the admin for entire application who control students, rooms, common activities. Because most of college are follow the regulation to maintain students activities on campus. For that digital ways are helps lot to save each records.

This is the major reason for why everyone should like to use application. Our time is completely saved, and extra load work also decreased when compared to normal work mode. In the digital work always one backup copy available if any data missed or corrupted. Therefore no worry about any documents, personal information records and more.


The common features are camera surveillance & which is under controlled by admin team. However warden is the responsible person for submit student records. Through the system no one able to crack rules & 24 hours watched by camera.

  1. Material Design
  2. Separate Login for Students
  3. Feedback Form (To submit reports)
  4. Alerting system (Each room) if any emergency it worked fine.
  5. Students profiles are saved on warden apps
  6. Check room availability

Screenshots – Hostel Management Android App

First check the application output files, after that take decision whether it’s worth or not. If not okay then change designs or concept because most of applications are provide these services. Therefore don’t waste your time on other sites to download code for hostel management booking application using Java Code.

hostel app java android
hostel app android studio

Source Code

I hope above all projects are helps to create perfect hostel management system application. alternatively you can convert the web application into mobile app if for your own purpose. Otherwise try this method to get data on fastest response time. Simply download this code and then customize the source code based on your requirements.

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