Hospital Management System Project C Sharp

In this tutorial we will see how to develop hospital management system project C Sharp programming language. These days most of hospitals are following software for manage all the records like patient details, fees, in out time, disease details, delivery date and more.

Hospital project is very demand and widely every companies are looking for software project. Here our intention is provide free of source code and that’s helps someone who are weak in financial level. Maximum they are charge Rs.20K to 30K for hospital management project. However it’s worth for money but it’s also possible to build with your own knowledge.

Because nowadays everything is possible and lot of source code, documentation, supports available for build the projects. Therefore I hope this project surely help someone to build it on free of cost and access without any issues.

How it’s working

Totally three modules are we need to create for manage this project.

  1. Manage Patient
  2. Manage Doctors
  3. Admin Section (Hospital Owner)

These are three main category and number of sub categories are available like Manage out patient details, fee structure & report, maintain stock, e-medicine and more information we need to develop this software. Already we have pharmacy project using PHP, if it’s need for you then click to get the code.

Hospital management System Project

Initially we have to get data from in & out patient. So this work assigned by receptionist who make entry about patient full information. When the particular patient discharge, we need to get soft copy for send message to respected patient or families. It’s one of the reminder for them to collect payment from patient end.

Manage Patient

  1. Get full information
  2. Reminder of Fees
  3. Disease Status
  4. Discharge details
  5. Doctor Profile
  6. Hospital Roadmap

Above forms are managed by patient and in the other end doctors are need to send each patient report from admin. Every day reports are continuously forwarded to the admin, then only able to analyze the hospital information and leads.

Therefore other modules are same of patient details. So I hope you can understand the concept and in the next section we will explain which technologies are applied in this system


  1. C#
  2. SQL
  3. Web API

Hospital Management System Project Screenshot

Check about the output file and then make decision into your new ideas. If it’s satisfied you then you can test it with your device and we helps for build project without any issues.

hospital management system project c sharp
hospital management project using c sharp
hospital management syste project source code c sharp

Source Code

Actually we don’t need separate modules for doctors. Because through the single frame we able to manage Doctors, Dean, Nurse, Cleaners, Receptionist etc. Alternatively it’s also one of the best idea, here I give two options and choose anyone from into a software. The project Credits goes to Khalid Mohammed

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