Gym Management System PHP

In this article I have explain how develop Gym Management System PHP MySQL Database. This projects mostly looking for college final year students. This concept also matched on similar college/school/organization management. I mean technologies & proposes systems are same.

For this project we need to develop 5 modules. Each modules has four forms like fill user details, payments, body fitness etc. I am using Core PHP, alternatively you can also using frameworks like Laravel or codeigniter.

If you projects was large scalability then I recommend frameworks otherwise core enough for manage the resource files. And also we need strong knowledge for framework code implementation. But in core, easy documentation, easy to fix etc.

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Gym Management System PHP

Okay let’s start to see our project requirements & which technologies we have used for this system. Firstly I explain the programming language, then discuss about code sections. In every projects its mandatory for before proceeding the development. Because through this only we identify & analyze the project quality.


  1. PHP (Version 7.4 recommended)
  2. MySQL
  3. HTML & CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. Bootstrap (For the animated view & material layout)
  6. XAMPP Server

I hope already you have XAMPP server on your local machine. If no click to download the software, that was very easy to install our laptop/desktop computer.

Gym Management Objective

The project objective is Gym Owners assigns task for trainers who are handle the customers. When the customers entry on GYM, first step is collect the fees for one month. After the payment process complete, assign trainer for a particular customer.

So here this management system usage is track all of trainers, customers activities like timing, payments, instruction, leave etc. For example each trainers are manually update the each customers status. So GYM owner/admin able to see the status updates.

For this reason only GYM owners are asking this system for manage both of Trainers & Fitness workout Freaks.


  1. GYM Owners/Admin
  2. Trainers
  3. Customers (Who join GYM)
  4. Employee (To manage other works)

In the first 3 modules are most important for this project & the final one is just optional to clean the GYM stores.


Look at the Project output file. It’s okay for your requirements then move on next section of get the source code in free of cost.

I hope above images are helps to understand the entire projects. For more output files, just download the code & check further files.

Database Connection

In this project forget password features also available to retrieve the old or setup the new password. This is one of the major advantages for this system.

$hai=mysqli_connect("localhost","root","","welcome")or die("Can't Connect Database...");	

Download Code

I hope above all explanation helps to build the GM Management Project PHP & MySQL. If facing any issues, comment below for further discussion. Actually the code is working fine, so you did not facing any error on your end.

That’s it. The Project Credits goes to Rocktim Rajkumar.

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