Grocery Project PHP

In this tutorial I have explained how to create Online Grocery Project using PHP & MySQL. Most of business owners current days sell their products into online platform like Flipkart or Amazon. But large stores are create own website and sell products via e-commerce sites. Already we have create android application for grocery application using Java. However some of college students request to develop web application using Core PHP.

Actually the concepts are same, similarly you can change any type of ecommerce sites into grocery application. Here we are adding both of grocery and vegetables. Moreover Electronics, mobile store projects are available in our blog. Suppose if you are looking for Laravel framework based project ? then should go for our other project.

grocery project php

Alternatively you can simply create grocery store project using WordPress platform. Because currently 45 percentage of websites are created by WordPress. Behind the reason is no knowledge required for creating websites using WordPress. This is the major reason for everyone choose this platform who have no knowledge in programming code. Moreover lot of features are available like Easy to integrate payment gateway, SEO plugin, Attractive Theme and more.

Create Grocery Project PHP

Let’s see the steps for how create online E-Commerce based grocery shopping project using PHP & MySQL. In this project we are using Core Concept and use MySQL database for store values. Additionally creating pagination & payment gateway method to explore more users. Pagination is every important part for every project, however maximum of e-commerce sites are using infinite scrolling for load the products. But for the change here we are using Pagination and list 20 products in each page.

Suppose is this not okay for you then just remove the pagination concept after that it working fine. For that you have to release the infinite code in our projects. That’s already available & which is hide by comment section. So after remove the code it’s executed fine without any issues.


  1. PHP
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. Bootstrap
  6. MySQL Database
  7. Sublime Text IDE

How It Works

As usual first create database and then new admin panel for uploading products into our store. If you have good knowledge in Firebase then go for that because through this easily create admin panel. But when do via PHP code it take more time and efforts. After creating database just set default image dimension for every product. Hereafter integrate Payment gateway for collecting users payments.

We have tutorial guidelines in major payment providers like

Features – Grocery Project PHP

Most common features are explained in below sections. It’s a simple grocery project so we did not add more benefits from users end.

  1. User friendly Navigation
  2. Responsive design
  3. Payment Gateway Integration
  4. Pagination
  5. Hover to Zoom Product
  6. Transparent Images
  7. Single Page Cart
  8. Easy to Checkout


Once check rest of screenshot images for understand the project. My personal suggestion is, just take the develop code only & change the entire design. Because then only your projects looks like very unique and we are always not spending so much time on design code. Behind the reason is development only important in our end.

online grocery project using php
php ecommerce site

Source Code

Click below button to download the entire source code. If any doubts related to code just contact us for clarify your issues. However already we are tested in our system and it’s working fine. For more check our homepage to explore more projects, WordPress tips, tutorials, Premium courses and more.

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