Gold Silver Rate Android App

Here I explain how to create Gold Silver Rate Android App using Java program in android studio platform. Most of business owners are currently displayed their store prices on company application. Through this we can easily find gold and silver prices. Moreover chit payment also collected by user ends based on weekly, daily, monthly basis. The objective is save customer and after crossing maturity date store owners are provide gold for instead money. Benefits are no wastage for every gold, so it’s one of the added advantage for users.

That’s why most of middle and low class peoples are small by small save their money via Gold Saving chit application. For that we need to integrate Payment gateway like Razorpay to collect customers payments. Here Razorpay play major role for creating gold chit payment application. On the other hand we create just some pages only describe about chit schemes.

gold silver rate android
gold price android studio
gold silver price android studio

Through the application we can join the scheme and make payments via Debit/Credit cards, UPI payments etc. Evey records are saved on your application dashboard, moreover you can check balance on any time to visit our nearest branches. Behind the reason is some of customers have doubts like if our payments are not stored on application, what we do ? For that we suggest our customers to check every your existing balance on every month in your head or branch office.

Create Project – Gold Silver Rate Android

Let’s see the steps for how to showing both of Gold and Silver current rates based on industry. Because every day gold rates are automatically changed. So we need to use API for list out Gold and silver rates based on daily market prices. Most of top software companies are professionally create and maintained by Razorpay. But in our place no one like our culture. They are always ready to create any type of modeling images.

Hereafter we have to integrate any one of payment gateway providers such as Razorpay, CCAvenue, PayU, Instamojo, Stripe, Cashfree etc. But Razorpay is good because they are providing lot of features when compared to other providers. For more just check my YouTube channel VetBosSel to setup Razorpay for collecting payments via our website or android application.


  1. Live Rate Updates
  2. Chart view
  3. Material design
  5. Easy to Use
  6. Currency Conversion
  7. Get Notification if price highly down or up

Gold API

Some of companies are manually update the price like after checking price from Television or other jewellery store. Top and reputed stored are using API to automatically show the rate based on district or state wise. Because the gold and silver rates are differ based on state and city.

Metalprice API give us feature for getting Gold price from various places, so you can set your particular area.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Firebase
  4. Reyclerview
  5. Glide
  6. API
  7. Android Studio (IDE)

Source Code – Gold Silver Rate Android

I hope above all contents and images are helps to find Gold, Silver prices via API. The full documentations are available on readme file, so once check out code to explore more tricks. And we are checking on our device & works fine. The exact results are looks like above output screenshot files. if face any issues just contact us for clarify your problem..

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