Generate Signing Report Android Studio Flutter

In this tutorial I explain how to generate Signing Report Android Studio Platform using Flutter Framework. Actually this is very important when we integrate our project with Google Firebase database. Most of people’s are asking like Why we need to generate Signing report for (Sha 1 & Sha 256), which is used for separate the user Id and associated with particular application.

Some developers & students are struggle to generate Signing report when working with Flutter Dart programming languages. It’s very easy when we work on android studio java language but it’s complicate to integrate with Flutter dart languages.

For that we have to do following steps to get singing report certificate for connect our application into back-end service of Google Firebase. I hope now you are working with Flutter project & need to generate signing report right? No problem in below I explained the solution for all operating system like Windows 10,11, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac.

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Windows – Generate Signing Report Android Studio

I hope already your project have android folder (check on file explorer). The initial step is open the flutter project on android studio IDE and then click to open the terminal which is available on bottom of the line. Check below image for reference

generate signing report android studio flutter
  1. Open Terminal
  2. Then go to android folder, for that you have to type cd android
  3. Hereafter enter following command to generate signing report
  4. ./gradlew signingReport
  5. After that it will configuring dependency file and then finally listed out the
    • Variant: release
    • Config: debug
    • Store: Your directory Path
    • Alias: AndroidDebugKey
    • MD5:
    • SHA1
    • SHA:256
generate sha signing report key flutter android studio

Integrate With Google Firebase

And then the final step is we have to copy the both SHA1 & SHA-256 key in Google Firebase database. For the reference in below I share my screenshot, after seeing this you get some idea like how to place the code. Without doing this steps we can’t communicate into Firebase database for any purpose like authentication, API services.

google firebase signing report android studio flutter

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