Food Ordering System PHP

Here will discuss how develop food ordering system using PHP MySQL. This project mostly helped for lot of students who are search final year project. The top food providing companies like Zomato, Swiggy deliver the good service & promote the contents online in well strategy.

So students also looking for develop those type of projects. This is not a simple concept, we need to implement more modules, validation, customer reviews etc. In my blog already I post Online E-Commerce Site for sell your products online.

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PHP is Still Worth 2022 ?

Yes, It’s worth to learn. Because still most of companies use PHP programming languages for develop projects like college website, e-commerce site, management system and more. Behind the reason was PHP continuously update the version & m

If you are software professional ? You can also use this source code for your project implementation. Mostly college students are looking for those type of code. That’s why here I published which is maybe helped Tamil Final years students.

These days some of students & working professionals are move on Python. Because everything is under on the artificial work that’s why python is number one programming languages. Software companies also looking for those developer who have knowledge on recent technologies.

PHP is worth for learning So Keep Going.

Project Overview

Before starting this, Overall I explained about this system. Then only you got a decision whether it’s useful or not. Totally seven modules are applied in this project & every modules has more feature like top company sites. Because nowadays users are like to use good user experience, so UX developers also give clear navigation for end users.


I hope above screenshot will helps to get decision on this project. If this project okay for you, just follow below instruction to execute on your system. This project build by Laravel frameworks & you can able to customize the queries as on client requirement. Core PHP projects are only used college level and not able to scale on next level.

Food Ordering System PHP Installation Steps

Therefore in end of the article I give the full source code of Food Ordering System PHP MySQL. So here explained the procedure for make a attractive online E-Commerce site for order food, groceries, mobile phone, gadgets anything. But this code specially designed for online food ordering concept.

  1. First Download the Project
  2. After that locate the project url on command prompt
  3. Then type composer install
  4. create database in the name of pigeon & Project url in .env file
  5. npm install
  6. npm run dev
  7. php artisan storage:link
  8. php artisan migrate –seed

That’s it. Here online payments methods also added so you can make payments online & offline feature. If face any issues just comment below we will try to solve your problems.

Food Ordering System Source Code

I hop mentioned above instruction & information are helps to analyze the entire project. Hereafter get source code in below section & and the credits are charge. Already I upload so many projects in PHP program so may be it’s helpful for your further implementation.

That’s it..

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