Flutter Travel App with Admin Panel

In this article I have explained how to develop Flutter Travel App with Admin Panel using Dart Programming languages. Travel application is very essential for making our trips in easiest ways. That’s why most of tourist peoples are looking for travel companies like TripAdvisor. Flutter is the good option for creating those type of application. Because it give us very attractive buttons, forms, navigation etc.

When we are using Java for developing apps, additionally adding material design code for better interface. But now everything was changed and through the Flutter Widgets we easily able to design attractive user interface. This is major reason for why everyone should migrate from Java into Dart Programming language. It has lot of ready made features like toast, animation, button effect, push up, pull down to refresh and more. Just call the widgets only and then it will be automatically executed on our application. So no need to write additional code for create the functions.

flutter travel app

Above image is homepage of Travel android application. For more images, just go for end of the article to see about app status. However it’s only enough to identify the entire application like how it’s executed on our devices. Here are using some third party library files and API’s for getting better end user results.

Create Project – Flutter Travel App

Okay let’s see the steps for how create Travel application using Dart program in Flutter Framework. VS Code is light weight and easy to use IDE, if you have good configuration laptop then go for Android Studio for better performance. Because no need to install library files in external resources, everything is available on the IDE. That’s also one of the major reason for why most of of developers are suggest to use Android Studio software.

Already we have develop collection of Flutter apps. So if you want more application, then check our blog homepage to visit source code. Software companies also hiring Flutter developers to create attractive android application.


  1. Flutter
  2. Dart
  3. VS Code (IDE)
  4. Firebase
  5. Node
  6. HTML
  7. CSS
  8. JavaScript & TypeScript

Admin Panel Flutter

Admin Panel is good feature for maintain our application. So clients are looking for admin panel to manage their entire products. Moreover we need to work more works then only create easy to use admin page for uploading products or service. WordPress platform give us free Admin Panel for E-Commerce application. However some companies are create via frameworks like Laravel, Angular, React etc. Because it has lot of features and easy to customize options. If you have no technical knowledge then go for WordPress otherwise try to use Core program.

Firebase is best option for creating Admin Panel accessing features. Suppose if you have own server then integrate with your server. Otherwise integrate with Google Cloud Firebase for getting free 5GB storage, after that we have to upgrade the premium plan for continues usage.

Flutter Travel App Screenshot

Let’s check the project screenshot for better understanding about travel application. Here we are using MySQL database for store and retrieve data from Firebase. Moreover API also used to get oAuth permission from social media networks like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc.

travel app using flutter framework
flutter admin panel firebase
travel app dart

Payment Gateway also available on this project, so don’t worry about the integration. Here we are using Instamojo for collecting payments from clients. Later that you can change the payment providers as per your client requirements. Through this application you can get complete guidelines and services like hotel, food, travel, accommodation etc.

Source Code

I hope above screenshot and explanations are helps to build this project. And we are already tested on this project our devices and its working fine without any issues. Similarly you can also check more android projects in free of cost without paying any money. Because our objective is provides free source code for both of college students & freelancers.

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