Flutter Salon Booking App

In this tutorial I have explain how to create Flutter Salon Booking App using Dart Programming language. The project objective is checking the salon availability & then book with our convenient times. Generally salon is always busy and taking minimum 30 minutes for completing one person. So without appointment we should wait more than hours. That’s why now everything was converted in digital way.

So now through the app you can check the salon status like how many peoples are in waiting list. If no one there, then we have to book the appointments. In the city side most of peoples are using digital way on their daily life. Especially grocery booking, online food order and now salon booking etc. Behind the reason is we did not like to wait time in some places. That’s we are using those services for save our time.

flutter app salon booking appointment

Above screenshot explain the booking schedule based on store opening and closing time. Totally three slots are available to book the appointments. It’s like availability of employee, because already I told one person take minimum 30 minutes. If we have more employee then increase the slot & availability. Most of grocery store delivery partners are execute the business plan using this method.

Create Project – Flutter Salon Booking App

Okay let’s see about the steps and technologies for creating this project. In our blog already we are creating so many online apps for place your orders. Once check those application after that you get some new idea like how implement the navigation, ideas, forms, designs etc. Nowadays peoples are like to use animated and material design application. It’s also one of the major reason why developers are migrate from Java into Flutter (Dart Language) framework.

Flutter has lot of inbuilt features like ready made widgets, image picker, material design layouts, animation, font icon collections and more pre-built benefits. For the better career you should choose Flutter and in future everything available on apps. So it’s big demand for mobile app developers in both of Android & iOS. With help of Dart programming language we can deploy those operating system platforms.


  1. Flutter
  2. Dart
  3. PHP
  4. MySQL
  5. HTML
  6. CSS
  7. JavaScript

If you are plan to deploy this project on server then should go for Firebase because it has lot of feature like easily create admin panel navigation. Through the panel we can manage the entire application and time was saved. If don’t need admin panel then continue with MySQL database to store values.

Modules – Flutter Salon Booking App

  1. Customer Login
  2. Salon Employee Login
  3. Owner (Admin)

If the owner is employee then no need to maintain third modules just drop and go with two authentication.


Features are explained both of customer and salon owner who are maintain the entire store. Here we are using MySQL database for store files and authenticate customers. In future additionally add more feature enhancements for end users.

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  1. User Authentication
  2. Email Verification (using email_auth package in flutter)
  3. Show the list of available salon
  4. Search Bar to find the nearest salons
  5. Booking option
  6. Select type of services like hair cut, beard etc)
  7. Check the booking status
  8. Directly call to Salon owner if not able to book online

Project Screenshot

Once check the project output file after that you can able to understand the concepts. Instead of checking live demo, you can easily see the output screen and via this you can save time.

flutter salon booking app
flutter salon app

Source Code

I hope above all images and contents are helps to create salon app using Flutter framework. You can easily customize the modules based on your own store. For example just change logo, phone number, address hereafter it’s working fine.

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