Flutter Matrimony App

Here I explain how to create Flutter Matrimony App using Dart programming language. When you are using Flutter for matrimonial app, your application looks like nice. Because ever widgets are awesome and user interface & experience navigation excellent in dart language. Already we are uploads matrimony app using Java in android studio platform. However some students are request to create same concept with Flutter framework.

Behind the reason is attractive UI and material design layout. Nowadays everyone has smartphone and using online services for fulfill their requirements. So we need to give perfect application for attract our end users. If our application not look well then they are migrate into new apps. Competitors are more in market so we have to provide quality application. Then only able to survey on software field. That’s why now most of developers are starts to learn Flutter framework.

flutter matrimony app

Now your question is, it’s only possible on Flutter ? No we can develop attractive application in any platform like Java, Python or PHP. But it take more time and code. Here the flutter advantage is everything was fixed and available via Widget features. In the 1994 matrimony site was built by Murugavel Janakiraman. That time most of peoples are comment him like how it’s possible and no one like your services. But after going few years everyone find their soulmate via Matrimony application. And now the company separately create community based site for getting more easiest results.

Create Project – Flutter Matrimony App

Let’s see the steps for creating matrimony application using dart programming language. Actually it’s very easiest project because no complicated modules are available in matrimonial site. Just we have create registration and login form for create initial process using OTP method. After that looking for bride or groom via some filter like community, native place, salary and more.

So here the development processes are very easy and concentrate only on designing part. Overall project structure just save user information and then retrieve the data when request by new users. The process are end hereafter move on payment section to chat with particular person. Therefore we have to create payment gateway system for accept the payments.


  1. Flutter
  2. Dart
  3. MySQL
  4. VS Code IDE
  5. API service (oAuth)
  6. Payment Gateway (Instamojo)

Database MySQL

In this project don’t need to create admin panel so MySQL is best choice for manage the data. If need to create admin panel then should go for Firebase to access & store entire data. But current days maximum of companies are hiring Firebase developers. So in your free time learn about Google Cloud then you can easily get job in IT sector.

Screenshots – Flutter Matrimony App

Once check the project output file after that you get some idea on the particular application. That’s why in the beginning section we are adding one screenshot file to understand application. Moreover no need to test the application on your end.

flutter matrimony anroid application
matrimony app flutter dart

Source Code

I hope above all explanation and images are helps to create Flutter application. Already we are tested in our device and it’s working fine without any issues. Moreover programming courses and project available in our blog. For more once visit our homepage to explore more technologies.

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