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Here I explain how to develop Flutter eBook app using Dart Language. In so many articles I told like we are currently living on digital world. So people’s also migrated into easiest way such as online payment, shopping, food and much more. On the other hand the same category of Library, now converted into digital library that’s called as a eBook platform. Through this you can download and ready available book on particular domain. It’s similar of Amazon Kindle where we able to see collection story books, educational, entertainment, motivational, cooking and much more.

This is one of the main concept for most of businesses who are related to books. For example college management, journalism, media channels etc. They are now converted into hard copy to soft copy like of e-papers, e-books, e-payment, e-mail, e-transactions. Most of students are looking for e-based books because it’s lightweight and we can use anywhere, anytime.

flutter ebook app

Above image I list out just some books like Java, C, C++, Python, JavaScript. Later that you can change the book and concept based on your requirements. Moreover here you can restrict the books under the category of premium. Most of the apps are providing both of free and purchase base premium books. For that we have to integrate payment gateway to collect payments from customers. When analyze about best payment gateway providers, the winner is Razorpay. So if you are plan to sell books under premium then should go for Razorpay integration. Already we are uploads so many articles like how integrate with particular payment gateway.

Technologies used

Before start the protect we would like to inform the technologies then only developers/students able to knew about their requirements.

Project NameE-Book App

Create Project – Flutter eBook App

Okay let’s see the steps for how create eBook android application using Flutter framework in Dart Programming language. For the server side we are using JavaScript web technology for communicate with database side. Firebase used for authenticate users like validate users when comes to purchase books. So you need to learn Flutter technology for working with eBook project.

However basics are enough because here just using the concept of authentication. For more process you can expect in upcoming applications. Already we are uploads so many apps with integration of Firebase, SQLite and Flutter technologies.

Modules – eBook App

Initially we collect user information so display the signup and login screen for customers. Because those details are helps to bought books in future, that’s why we collect email id, phone number, address, delivery information and much more. Moreover social media oAuth also available because some uses are don’t like to fill the registration form.

  1. Login/Signup Form
  2. Delivery Address Details
  3. oAuth
  4. Books Collections
  5. Checkout
  6. Payment
  7. Confirmation
  8. Track Orders
  9. Reviews

Project Screenshot – Flutter eBook

Once check our android application screenshot after that you get clear cut idea like how it’s working on your end. Actually this project has lot of features and in the next section we will list out the collection of benefits. You can also customize the designs and concepts based on your own taste. To get more flutter apps just visit our project collections.

flutter ebook login form
flutter dart ebook application
ebook flutter apps


  1. User Friendly Navigation
  2. Easy to use
  3. Material Design
  4. oAuth
  5. Validation Strong
  6. Shopping Cart
  7. Checkout Integration

Source Code – Flutter eBook App

Above documentation helps to build the application. If you are facing any issues just comment below we are helps to sort out errors. But already we are fixing all of problems in our end so don’t worry about technical errors.

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