Fitness Android App Source Code

Here I have explain how develop Fitness Android app in Android Studio platform. Nowadays most of teenagers are going gym to fit the body size. On the other hand GYM owners also implement fitness tutorial for trainers. Through this app every trainers are easily guide their self who are join the GYM to train their body level.

Some developers are uploads android application for home based workout. Because some students have no money to join the GYM. So those peoples are learn via android apps. Therefore here me also post this project to some college students & working professionals.

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Workout Area

  1. Full Body
  2. Chest
  3. ABS
  4. Leg
  5. Back
  6. Arms
  7. Butt

Fitness Modules

It’s differ based on trainers and customers. Everyday we have to spend some time for home based workout and here don’t need any equipment.

  • Full Body Workout
  • Monster Chest
  • Shoulders & Upper Back
  • Lower Body
  • Six Pack Training
  • Power Jumps

For the every modules we need to develop separate file in android code. However via the Recyclerview we easily list out the plan or to call the server using JSON.


JSON is widely used for retrieve files from here and here also am using JSON to call the fitness tutorials. Alternatively you can also using database but JSON is best way to getting data from server end.

Fitness Android App Features

  1. We able to mark the completed workouts
  2. Open the application in Offline mode (without internet)
  3. Daily morning alert new workouts (you can able to customize the time)
  4. Track the progress report
  5. Allot space for upload your own workouts
  6. You have rights for remove the unwanted exercises in your account.

Fitness Android App Screenshots

In below I have add the Android Fitness application which is very helpful for teenagers. Nowadays most of peoples are eat unhealthy fast food items that’s why fitness tutorial read by most peoples. Apart from this YouTube creators also make more money via posting fitness related contents.

fitness android app source code
fitness android application

Library Files

In this project we need some third party libraries for implement fitness application. Through the single app model, you can apply this concept on various application. For example through the source code you can develop another app in the name of cooking tips, Beauty tips and more.

  1. Glide
  2. CircleImageView
  3. StickySwitch
  4. ProgressViews
  5. Fabric

Source Code

Above all contents helps to build Fitness Android App using Java Firebase Program. Moreover you can publish this application on play store and earn money via advertising methods. So the choice is yours & we completely check in our end to solve the issues.

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