Fingerprint Attendance Project PHP

In this article let’s see how develop Fingerprint attendance project PHP. Nowadays most of schools, colleges, companies are migrate into digital way like Fingerprint system to store the employee, students presence of biometric attendance. That more secure and advantage when compare into manual attendance work.

Because through this system no one cheat us, user friendly, time saving, backup option for long duration and more features. For this reasons only most of companies and organizations are move into digital ways.

Already we are living in digital India concept that’s why everything converted into advanced method. For example most of persons are nowadays using Google Pay, PhonePe application for sending & receiving payments.

Already we are developed normal online attendance management system using PHP MySQL. Suppose if you need this for any purpose just visit and get source code. If face any struggle on the source code, comment below we are always online to solve the issues.

Project Overview

Let’s start the project overview for understand the modules & overall concepts. Therefore only we can analyze the requirements, difficulties, languages, dependencies etc. Then only able to make the final decision for implement the projects.

Actually here we need hardware gadgets for read users fingerprints. After that only we access the software to get the perfect results.

fingerprint attendance project php

This devices are available on all e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart. Connectivity very easy so don’t worry about the hardware things.

Initial stage only little bit complicate but through the documentation we can easily configure the machine into our software system

Most of college students are doing this project in Python Django. Because software companies also hire python developers. Behind the reason is everything was compressed into a digital design. For that purpose Python helps to build those applications.


Firstly we need to define the list of modules. In this project has totally 10 plus modules every component was designed for configure into fingerprint gadget. I have use JSON for read and fetch entry details from server side. For the storage purpose use MySQL database.

Fingerprint Attendance – Installation

We need to follow below steps to execute this project in our system. They are explained in below section,

  1. Need to install Arduino Compiler
  2. Connect USB Serial Driver to communicate the device
  3. Apache or any other server with PHP
  4. MySQL database to store users information

User information what type of information we need to collect from student end. For example we need students full information like Father Name, Departments, Phone Number etc, then need to write code for above extraction. So that was totally in our control.

Fingerprint Attendance Project Source Code

Above all content was helps to build fingerprint attendance project PHP on your system. As a result you can able to successfully execute the code. However most of advanced level implementation also available but now it’s enough for proper results.

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